Geospatial Technology and the Role of Location in Science

  • Henk J. Scholten
  • Rob van de Velde
  • Niels van Manen

Part of the GeoJournal Library book series (GEJL, volume 96)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Niels van Manen, Henk J. Scholten, Rob van de Velde
    Pages 1-13
  3. Donald G. Janelle, Michael F. Goodchild
    Pages 15-29
  4. Chunglin Kwa, Mieke van Hemert, Lieuwe van der Weij
    Pages 47-58
  5. Alfred J. Wagtendonk, Philip Verhagen, Steven Soetens, Karen Jeneson, Maurice de Kleijn
    Pages 59-86
  6. Arjen de Wit, Adri van den Brink, Arnold K. Bregt, Rob van de Velde
    Pages 163-185
  7. Johan G.J. van Schaaik, Jasper J. van der Kemp
    Pages 217-237
  8. Sisi Zlatanova, Andrea G. Fabbri
    Pages 239-266
  9. Maria Teresa Borzacchiello, Irene Casas, Biagio Ciuffo, Peter Nijkamp
    Pages 267-285
  10. Joop van der Schee, Henk J. Scholten
    Pages 287-301
  11. Niels van Manen, Henk J. Scholten, John Stillwell, Rob van de Velde
    Pages 303-311
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 313-321

About this book


Globalisation has not led to the ‘death of geography’. Intensified relations between communities in different parts of the world have only highlighted the need for understanding and managing phenomena on a variety of geographic scales. From global warming to credit crunch, and from epidemics to terrorism, causes and solutions are sought on local, regional, national as well as inter-continental levels. With the advent of Geospatial Technology, scholars, policymakers and entrepreneurs have valuable tools in hand to proceed.

This book offers the first systematic account of the science behind this mental and technological revolution. Tracing the adoption and dissemination of Geospatial Technology in a range of disciplines, it examines the impact this technology has had, and is likely to have, on the explanation of spatial behaviour, phenomena and processes. At the same time, stressing innovative usage, it explores scientific contributions to technology advancement.


Computer Technology Explanation of Spatial Behaviour GIS Geographic Scales Geographical Information Geoinformationssysteme Geospatial Technology Globalisation Innovative Usage Phenomena Scientific Contributions Social Sciences Spatial planning geoinformation geospatial

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  • Henk J. Scholten
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  • Rob van de Velde
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  • Niels van Manen
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  2. 2.GeonovumBarchman Wuytierslaan 10The Netherlands
  3. 3.Dept. HistoryUniversity of YorkHeslingtonUK

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