The Basic Principles of External Skeletal Fixation Using the Ilizarov and Other Devices

  • Leonid Solomin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxx
  2. General Aspects of External Fixation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Stuart Alan Green
      Pages 3-21
    3. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 23-46
    4. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 53-62
    5. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Roman Nikolaevich Inyushin, Pavel Nikolaevich Kulesh, Maxim Vasil’evich Andrianov, Dmitry Alexandrovich Mykalo et al.
      Pages 63-166
    6. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 167-179
    7. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 181-217
    8. Sergey Aleksandrovich Erofeev, Elena Andreevna Shchepkina
      Pages 219-256
  3. Specific Aspects of External Fixation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 301-301
    2. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 303-337
    3. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Pavel Nikolaevich Kulesh
      Pages 339-373
    4. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Viktor Alexandrovich Vilensky
      Pages 375-432
    5. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Tracy J. Watson
      Pages 433-505
    6. Alexander A. Lerner, Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 507-533
    7. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 535-539
    8. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Konstantin Igorevich Novikov, Anna Majorovna Aranovich, Mark Eidelman, Pavel Nikolaevich Kulesh
      Pages 541-703
    9. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Alexander Igorevich Utekhin, Viktor Alexandrovich Vilensky
      Pages 705-803
    10. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Oleg Anatoljevich Kaplunov, Pavel Nikolaevich Kulesh, Alexander Aleksandrovich Artemev
      Pages 805-840
    11. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Dmitry Jur’evich Borzunov, Redento Mora, Vladimir Ivanovich Shevtsov, Luisella Pedrotti
      Pages 841-893
    12. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 895-931
    13. Aleksey Vladimirovich Runkov, Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 933-967
    14. Alexander Kirienko, Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Natalya Grigorjevna Shikhaleva, Vladimir Ivanovich Shevtsov, Mikhail Jur’evich Danilkin, Konstantin Andreevich Ukhanov
      Pages 969-1046
    15. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Elena Aleksandrovna Volokitina, Jury Petrovich Soldatov, William Dean Terrell
      Pages 1047-1156
    16. Maurizio A. Catagni, Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 1157-1247
    17. Jury Evgen’evich Garkavenko, Elena Andreevna Shchepkina, Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin
      Pages 1249-1307
    18. Mehmet Kocaoğlu, Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Erkal F. Bilen, Alexandr Nikolaevich Chelnokov, John E. Herzenberg, Florian Maria Kovar
      Pages 1309-1377
    19. Hiroyuki Tsuchiya, Katsuhiro Hayashi
      Pages 1379-1389
    20. Alexander Nikolaevich Djachkov, Alexander Timofeevich Khudiaev, Oksana Germanovna Prudnikova, Oleg Sergeevich Rossik
      Pages 1391-1415
    21. Metin Orhan
      Pages 1417-1423
    22. Alexander Nikolaevich Djachkov, Alexander Timofeevich Khudiaev, Oksana Germanovna Prudnikova
      Pages 1425-1436
    23. Vladimir Dmitrievich Shatokhin
      Pages 1437-1447
    24. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Stuart Alan Green
      Pages 1475-1491
  4. Supplementary Materials

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1493-1493
    2. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Tatyana Nikolaevna Vorontsova, Victor Viktorovich Ershov
      Pages 1495-1518
    3. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Maxim Vasil’evich Andrianov, Roman Nikolaevich Inyushin, Dmitry Alexandrovich Mykalo, Pavel Nikolaevich Kulesh
      Pages 1519-1530
    4. Leonid Nikolaevich Solomin, Petr Iosiphovich Begun, Vladimir Anatol’evich Nazarov
      Pages 1531-1543
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 1545-1593

About this book


When it was developed, the Ilizarov device represented a revolutionary advance that made it possible to correct previously untreatable conditions through the stimulation of bone growth based on the principle of distraction osteogenesis. The device subsequently gained popularity among surgeons throughout the world since it can be used for the treatment of fractures that have failed to heal satisfactorily and for deformity correction. The technique is, however, complex and requires specialist knowledge if it is to be applied optimally.This is the second edition of a well-received book that focuses primarily on external fixation using the Ilizarov device but also considers other devices employed for the purpose. The opening chapters include discussion of biomechanical principles, use of a system of coordinates to allow safer insertion of K-wires and half pins, preoperative preparation, and principles of frame construction. External fixation of a variety of fractures in different pathologic settings is then clearly explained in a series of detailed chapters with the aid of high-quality illustrations. Numerous case reports are included to illustrate the results of different treatment methods. In addition, principles of postoperative management are described and advice is provided on correction of errors and treatment of complications. Since the first edition the text has been thoroughly updated, with inclusion of contributions from leading world experts. This volume will serve as an indispensable manual both for trainee orthopedic surgeons embarking on a steep learning curve and for more experienced surgeons requiring advice and guidance in demanding cases.


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