Handbook on Hyperbaric Medicine

  • G. Oriani
  • A. Marroni
  • F. Wattel

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. G. Oriani, M. Michael, A. Marroni, C. Longoni
    Pages 1-34
  3. E. M. Camporesi, M. F. Mascia, S. R. Thom
    Pages 35-58
  4. G. De Martino, M. Luchetti, R. C. De Rosa, A. Marroni, G. Oriani, C. Longoni
    Pages 59-80
  5. A. Marroni, G. Oriani, C. Longoni
    Pages 81-93
  6. G. Oriani, A. Marroni, F. Wattel, D. J. Bakker, J. Niinikoski, E. M. Camporesi et al.
    Pages 95-134
  7. F. Faralli, J. Seyer, J. L. Ducassé, Ph. Izard, P. B. James, A. O. Brubakk et al.
    Pages 135-228
  8. R. E. Moon
    Pages 229-248
  9. C. J. Wachholz, P. B. Bennett, J. A. Dovenbarger, R. D. Vann, A. Marroni, Y. Mano et al.
    Pages 249-279
  10. D. Mathieu, F. Wattel, R. Nevière, M. Mathieu-Nolf, N. B. Hampson, E. M. Camporesi et al.
    Pages 281-342
  11. J. P. R. van Merkesteyn, D. J. Bakker, R. Kooijman
    Pages 387-401
  12. J. L. Ducassé, B. Cathala
    Pages 403-408
  13. F. Malerba, G. Oriani, A. Farnetti, G. Bouachour, P. Cronier
    Pages 409-442
  14. J. Niinikoski, T. K. Hunt
    Pages 485-507
  15. P. Calia, A. Quarantiello, E. Faglia, F. Favales, G. Oriani, M. Michael
    Pages 531-568
  16. G. Giuffrida
    Pages 569-593
  17. R. Magni, G. Oriani, G. C. Modugno
    Pages 595-610
  18. R. Gaini, T. Zurlo, E. Brenna
    Pages 611-624
  19. M. Rossetti, G. Oriani, I. Pahle
    Pages 625-645
  20. R. Wattel, D. Mathieu, R. Nevière
    Pages 647-659
  21. G. Oriani, P. Campagnoli, C. Longoni, A. J. van der Kleij, D. J. Bakker, D. Mathieu et al.
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  24. M. Botta, M. Lemma, C. Santoli, C. Luongo, B. Sparacia, E. Bergmann et al.
    Pages 765-847
  25. A. Marroni, G. Oriani, F. Wattel
    Pages 879-886
  26. Back Matter
    Pages 887-902

About this book


Hyperbaric oxygen application has now become a useful technique for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in CNS, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as in soft-tissue and orthopaedic pathologies and haematologic disorders. With a specific didactic approach, supported by numerous illustrations and tables, this volume aims to present all aspects of oxygen application under pressure not only to resolve some clinical problems, but also to improve recovery or to modify a negative illness evolution. Both scientists and practitioners will find this work a useful and updated reference book.


CNS HBO - oxygen features cardiovascular care complications diseases epidemiology evolution infection infections intoxication medicine stroke surgery tissue

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  • A. Marroni
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  • F. Wattel
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  1. 1.Anaesthesia, Intensive and Hyperbaric Care DepartmentIstituto Ortopedico GaleazziMilanoItaly
  2. 2.Divers Alert Network EuropeRoseto degli AbruzziItaly
  3. 3.Service de Réanimation Mèdicale et de Médicine HyperbareHôpital Albert CalmetteLille CedexFrance

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