Diseases of the Abdomen and Pelvis 2010–2013

Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Techniques 42nd International Diagnostic Course in Davos (IDKD) Davos, March 21–26, 2010

  • J. Hodler
  • Ch. L. Zollikofer
  • G. K. Von Schulthess

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Workshops

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Jean-Michel Bruel, Borut Marincek, Jay P. Heiken
      Pages 3-13
    3. Philip J. Kenney, Stuart E. Mirvis
      Pages 14-21
    4. Marc S. Levine, Ahmed Ba-Ssalamah
      Pages 22-27
    5. Daniel C. Johnson, Michael Macari
      Pages 48-49
    6. Pablo R. Ros, Rendon C. Nelson
      Pages 50-62
    7. Wolfgang Schima, Richard Baron
      Pages 63-74
    8. Angela D. Levy, Celso Matos
      Pages 75-80
    9. Thomas Helmberger
      Pages 81-88
    10. Ruedi F. Thoeni
      Pages 89-95
    11. William W. Mayo-Smith, Isaac R. Francis
      Pages 96-98
    12. Richard H. Cohan, Ronald J. Zagoria
      Pages 99-103
    13. Parvati Ramchandani, Julia R. Fielding
      Pages 104-109
    14. Caroline Reinhold, Rahel A. Kubik-Huch
      Pages 110-118
    15. Evis Sala, Susan Ascher
      Pages 119-124
    16. Jelle O. Barentsz, Stijn W. T. P. J. Heijmink, Christina Hulsbergen-van der Kaa, Caroline Hoeks, Jurgen J. Futterer
      Pages 125-141
    17. Brent J. Wagner
      Pages 142-145
    18. James A. Brink, Ali Shirkhoda
      Pages 146-153
    19. Carlo Bartolozzi, Valentina Battaglia, Elena Bozzi
      Pages 162-166
    20. Alan Daneman, Simon G. Robben
      Pages 167-173
    21. Jeanne S. Chow, Fred E. Avni
      Pages 174-182
  3. Nuclear Medicine Satellite Course “Diamond”

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 197-197
    2. Stefano Fanti, Anna Margherita Maffione, Vincenzo Allegri
      Pages 215-218
    3. Thomas F. Hany
      Pages 219-225
    4. Cornelis A. Hoefnagel
      Pages 226-230
  4. Pediatric Satellite Course “Kangaroo”

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 237-237
    2. Fred E. Avni
      Pages 239-242
    3. Simon G. Robben
      Pages 252-261

About this book


This book deals with imaging of the abdomen and pelvis.During the last few years, there have been considerable advances in this subject, driven by clinical as well as technological developments. The authors,internationally renowned experts in their field,have contributed chapters that are disease-oriented and cover all relevant imaging modalities, including magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and positron emission tomography, as well as image-guided interventions. As a result, this book offers a comprehensive review of the stateof- the art in imaging of the abdomen and pelvis. It is particularly relevant for general radiologists, radiology residents, interventional radiologists, and other clinicians wishing to update their knowledge in this discipline.


PET/CT Tumor computed tomography (CT) diagnosis radiology therapy ultrasound

Editors and affiliations

  • J. Hodler
    • 1
  • Ch. L. Zollikofer
    • 2
  • G. K. Von Schulthess
    • 3
  1. 1.RadiologyUniversity HospitalZurichSwitzerland
  2. 2.Kilchberg/ZurichSwitzerland
  3. 3.Nuclear MedicineUniversity HospitalZurichSwitzerland

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