Mealybugs and their Management in Agricultural and Horticultural crops

  • M. Mani
  • C. Shivaraju

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. M. Mani, C. Shivaraju
    Pages 1-3
  3. Mealybugs

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 5-5
    2. M. Mani, C. Shivaraju
      Pages 7-18
    3. Ramakrishna Sompalaym, Kokilamani A. Lingarajaiah, Raju G. Narayanappa, Jayaprakash, Venkatachalaiah Govindaiah
      Pages 19-54
    4. M. Mani
      Pages 55-74
    5. K. B. Rebijith, R. Asokan, N. K. Krishna Kumar
      Pages 75-86
    6. M. Mani, C. Shivaraju
      Pages 87-106
    7. M. Mani, C. Shivaraju
      Pages 107-111
    8. M. Mani, C. Shivaraju
      Pages 113-116
    9. M. Mani, C. Shivaraju
      Pages 117-122
    10. R. Selvarajan, V. Balasubramanian, B. Padmanaban
      Pages 123-130
    11. M. Mani, C. Shivaraju
      Pages 131-140
    12. M. Mani, C. Shivaraju
      Pages 141-148
    13. A. N. Shylesha, M. Mani
      Pages 149-171
    14. N. Bakthavatsalam
      Pages 173-198
    15. M. Mani, C. Shivaraju
      Pages 199-208
    16. M. Mani, C. Shivaraju
      Pages 209-222
    17. T. Venkatesan, S. K. Jalali, S. L. Ramya, M. Prathibha
      Pages 223-229
    18. M. Mani, Shaheen Gul
      Pages 231-236
  4. Management of Mealybugs in Agricultural and Horticultural Crops

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 237-237
    2. Gururaj Katti
      Pages 239-245
    3. Srinivasa Babu Kurra, Jeyakumar Ponnuraj, Shyam Prasad Gogineni
      Pages 247-248
    4. M. Mani
      Pages 249-250
    5. G. Harish, M. V. Nataraja
      Pages 251-256
    6. K. S. Jagadish, Chandrashekar, H. Basappa, G. Basana Gowda, Y. G. Shadakshari
      Pages 257-261
    7. S. K. Singh, S. D. Mohapatra, P. Duraimurugan
      Pages 263-266
    8. M. Mani
      Pages 267-269
    9. V. S. Nagrare, S. Kranthi, Rishi Kumar, B. Dharajothi, M. Amutha, K. R. Kranthi
      Pages 271-281
    10. M. Mani, S. Satpathy
      Pages 283-286
    11. R. Jayanthi, J. Srikanth, S. N. Sushil
      Pages 287-296
    12. M. Mani
      Pages 297-301
    13. M. Mani
      Pages 303-305
    14. M. Mani
      Pages 307-309
    15. M. Mani
      Pages 311-311
    16. M. Mani
      Pages 313-315
    17. M. Mani
      Pages 317-318
    18. M. Mani
      Pages 319-320
    19. M. Mani
      Pages 321-325
    20. M. Mani
      Pages 327-328
    21. M. Mani, U. Amala
      Pages 329-351
    22. C. N. Rao, V. J. Shivankar, K. J. David, M. Mani, A. Krishnamoorthy
      Pages 353-375
    23. M. Mani
      Pages 377-384
    24. M. Mani
      Pages 385-393
    25. M. Mani, M. Kalyanasundaram, C. Shivaraju
      Pages 395-409
    26. M. Mani
      Pages 411-417
    27. M. Mani
      Pages 419-422
    28. B. Padmanaban, M. M. Mustaffa
      Pages 423-427
    29. M. Mani
      Pages 429-431
    30. M. Mani
      Pages 433-438

About this book


This book is a compilation of information on all basic aspects of mealybugs, as well as management strategies for mealybug species affecting different crop plants in different countries. It highlights the latest information on morphology, cytogenetics, taxonomy, molecular characterization, biology, damage, ecology, natural enemies, ant association, control measures, insecticide resistance and pheromones – essential aspects which will equip researchers to pursue further research on mealybugs. The book examines current trends in the management of mealybugs for a variety of agricultural and horticultural crops, forest plants and mulberry in different countries, while also addressing the negative effects of chemical control methods and presenting success stories of mealybug control that utilize their natural enemies. It offers a valuable guide for crop growers, government officials and other stakeholders in the industry, as well as researchers and students engaged in related research and development activities.


Biology Mealybugs Cytogenetics Morphology Taxonomy Molecular characterization Ecology Natural Enemies Ant Association Insecticide Resistance Pheromones

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