Facets of Uncertainties and Applications

ICFUA, Kolkata, India, December 2013

  • Mihir K. Chakraborty
  • Andrzej Skowron
  • Manoranjan Maiti
  • Samarjit Kar
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Part of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series (PROMS, volume 125)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Uncertainty Modelling

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Andrzej Jankowski, Andrzej Skowron, Roman Swiniarski
      Pages 17-32
    3. Reshma Kar, Amit Konar, Aruna Chakraborty, Pratyusha Rakshit
      Pages 33-50
    4. Partha Ghosh, Krishna Kundu
      Pages 63-74
  3. Logic of Uncertainty

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 75-75
    2. Mohua Banerjee, Shier Ju, Md. Aquil Khan, Liping Tang
      Pages 77-86
    3. Sudin Mandal, Namrata Bhattacharyya, Swapan Raha
      Pages 87-97
  4. Hybridization of Uncertainties

  5. Roll of Uncertainties

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 165-165
    2. Sriparna Saha, Amit Konar, Ramadoss Janarthanan
      Pages 167-176
    3. Banibrata Mondal, Swapan Raha
      Pages 225-233
    4. D. Sadhukhan, B. Mondal, M. Maiti
      Pages 277-292
    5. Sheikh Ahmed Hossain, Rupak Bhattacharyya
      Pages 303-313
  6. Andrzej Jankowski, Andrzej Skowron, Roman Swiniarski
    Pages E1-E1

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Since the emergence of the formal concept of probability theory in the seventeenth century, uncertainty has been perceived solely in terms of probability theory. However, this apparently unique link between uncertainty and probability theory has come under investigation a few decades back. Uncertainties are nowadays accepted to be of various kinds. Uncertainty in general could refer to different sense like not certainly known, questionable, problematic, vague, not definite or determined, ambiguous, liable to change, not reliable. In Indian languages, particularly in Sanskrit-based languages, there are other higher levels of uncertainties. It has been shown that several mathematical concepts such as the theory of fuzzy sets, theory of rough sets, evidence theory, possibility theory, theory of complex systems and complex network, theory of fuzzy measures and uncertainty theory can also successfully model uncertainty.


Applications of uncertainties Fuzzy and rough sets Hybridization of uncertainties Optimization under uncertainty Uncertainty theory

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  • Andrzej Skowron
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  • Manoranjan Maiti
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