New Horizons in Insect Science: Towards Sustainable Pest Management

  • Akshay Kumar Chakravarthy

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvii
  2. Insect Taxonomy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. K. Sreedevi, Naresh Meshram, P. R. Shashank
      Pages 3-12
    3. S. K. Jalali, Rakshit Ojha, T. Venkatesan
      Pages 13-23
  3. Insect Physiology

  4. Insect Toxicology

  5. Insect Vectors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 135-135
    2. A. D. N. T. Kumara, L. Perera, M. K. Meegahakumbura, N. S. Aratchige, L. C. P. Fernando
      Pages 137-146
    3. N. Nagaraju, A. S. Padmaja, G. Basana Gowda, R. N. Pushpa
      Pages 159-176
  6. Insect Molecular Biology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 177-177
    2. Ankit Patel, Leena Pathak, Noushad Parvez, Deepak Panpatte, Kuldeep Khatri, Janardan Jani
      Pages 179-185
    3. Kangayam M. Ponnuvel, Sirigineedi Sasibhushan, N. Murthy Geetha, CGP Rao
      Pages 187-198
    4. R. Asokan, Prakash M. Navale, N. K. Krishna Kumar, M. Manamohan
      Pages 199-205
  7. Insect Semiochemicals

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 229-229
    2. R. Srinivasan, M-Y Lin, F-C Su, Sopana Yule, Chuanpit Khumsuwan, Thanh Hien et al.
      Pages 231-237
    3. Kamala Jayanthi PD, Ravindra Mahadappa Aurade, Vivek Kempraj, A. K. Chakravarthy, Abraham Verghese
      Pages 239-257
  8. Insect Pest Management: Using Host Plant Resistance, Biological Control

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 259-259
    2. Vijay Kumar Lingaraj, A. K. Chakravarthy, Siddanagowda Ujjanagowda Patil
      Pages 269-276
    3. Vijaykumar N. Ghante, Rajesh Chowdary, M. Bheemanna, Hosamani Arunkumar, Ranjith Kumar
      Pages 277-282
    4. Chandish R. Ballal, Abraham Verghese
      Pages 307-326
    5. K. Srinivasa Murthy, T. Venkatesan, S. K. Jalali, S. L. Ramya
      Pages 347-351
    6. P. N. Magar, N. S. Satpute, S. S. Madankar, S. P. Bhopale
      Pages 353-358
    7. A. D. N. T. Kumara, M. Chandrashekharaiah, Subhash B. Kandakoor, A. K. Chakravarthy
      Pages 359-381
    8. B. V. Bhede, B. B. Bhosle, O. P. Sharma, S. T. Shinde, A. G. Badgujar
      Pages 383-387
    9. C. Manja Naik, A. K. Chakravarthy, Timmanna, N. E. Thyagaraj
      Pages 389-396
    10. G. V. Ranga Rao, B. Ratna Kumari, K. L. Sahrawat, S. P. Wani
      Pages 397-412

About this book


Insect science is fast changing as insects are evolving to a plethora of newer chemical molecules, climate change, management tactics and transformation of the landscapes. Through the International Conference, the editors have attempted to gather together newer aspects of Insect Sciences like Insect Taxonomy, DNA Barcoding, Physiology, Toxicology, Vectors and their Management, Molecular Biology, RNA interference in Pest Management, Semiochemicals and Pest Management using Host Plant Resistance and Biological Control appropriated especially for the developing world. Both basic and applied aspects of insect science have been included to stimulate comprehensive studies on insect science. The book not only deals with insect science but also environmental and ecological aspects in the hope that the book will be of immense use to students, researchers, extension workers, planners, administrators, farmers and other end users. The Chapters on diversified aspects of Insect Science are contributed by leading scientists for the coming 21st century in which entomology is witnessing a dramatic advancement in management of pests through in-depth investigations. The dimensions of Insect Science covered in the book are pest management approaches that can be adopted worldwide with ascent on sustainability.


Bio-diversity Insect Biosystematics Pest Management Proteomics Toxicology

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  • Akshay Kumar Chakravarthy
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  1. 1.Department of Agricultural EntomologyCollege of AgricultureBangaloreIndia

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