Eyelid Tumors

Clinical Evaluation and Reconstruction Techniques

  • Arnab Biswas

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About this book


Eyelid tumors are commonly encountered by oculoplastic as well as plastic surgeons. The challenge of managing these cases lies not only in performing the surgery in a precise manner in small area, but also in ensuring a visually-appealing cosmetic outcome. This is an innovative and concise portable handbook that guides the surgeons on how to approach and manage these cases in a step-by-step manner. Each chapter of this practical guidebook has outstanding illustrations drawn in full color clearly showing each incision line, flap management, suture placement and its technique, and the expected cosmetic outcome. When a lid tumor is excised, there is a tissue defect that needs to be corrected. Ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons will find this work an excellent reference material to solve the jigsaw puzzle of tissue defects in and around the periorbital region. Importantly, they can quickly refer to the images just before starting a procedure. The author has first explained the anatomical aspects and anesthetic techniques for eyelid surgery, followed by review of the benign and malignant tumors, finally describing the flap creation and reconstruction techniques that are currently used in various lid tumors in an organized fashion.


Flaps in eyelid reconstruction Lateral canthal reconstruction Lower lid reconstruction Medial canthal reconstruction Upper lid reconstruction

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