Research Methodology: A Guide for Researchers In Agricultural Science, Social Science and Other Related Fields

  • Pradip Kumar┬áSahu

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About this book


This book is the outcome of more than 20 years of experience of the author in teaching and research field. The wider scope and coverage of the book will help not only the students/ researchers/professionals in the field of agriculture and allied disciplines, but also the researchers and practitioners in other fields. Written in simple and lucid language, the book would appeal to all those who are meant to be benefitted out of it. All efforts have been made to present "RESEARCH", its meaning, intention and usefulness. The book reflects current methodological techniques used in interdisciplinary research, as illustrated with many relevant worked out examples. Designing of research programme, selection of variables, collection of data and their analysis to interpret the data are discussed extensively. Statistical tools are complemented with real-life examples, making the otherwise complicated subject like statistics seem simpler. Attempts have been made to demonstrate how a user can solve the problems using simple computer-oriented programme. Emphasis is placed not only on solving the problems in various fields but also on drawing inferences from the problems. The importance of instruments and computers in research processes and statistical analyses along with their misuse/incorrect use is also discussed to make the user aware about the correct use of specific technique. In all the chapters, theories are combined with examples, and steps are enumerated to follow the correct use of the available packages like MSEXCELL, SPSS, SPAR1, SAS etc. Utmost care has been taken to present varied range of research problems along with their solutions in agriculture and allied fields which would be of immense use to readers.


Biostatistics Data analysis Reporting Research design Research process

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