Allergy Frontiers: Diagnosis and Health Economics

  • Ruby Pawankar
  • Stephen T. Holgate
  • Lanny J. Rosenwasser

Part of the Allergy Frontiers book series (ALLERGY, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. Diagnosis and DD of Allergic Diseases

    1. Alan Edwards
      Pages 3-19
    2. Pascal Demoly, Francesco Gaeta, Jean Bousquet, Antonino Romano
      Pages 21-47
    3. Donald W. Cockcroft, Beth E. Davis, John K. Reid
      Pages 49-62
    4. John K. Reid, Donald W. Cockcroft, Beth E. Davis
      Pages 63-79
    5. Klaus F. Rabe, Adrian Gillissen, Zuzana Diamant
      Pages 101-126
    6. D. Robin Taylor
      Pages 141-160
    7. Alain L. de Weck, Maria Luisa Sanz
      Pages 161-182
    8. Vanessa G. Brown, Madeleine Ennis
      Pages 183-199
    9. Roy Gerth van Wijk
      Pages 233-245
    10. William K. Dolen
      Pages 247-256
    11. Joaquin Sastre
      Pages 257-273
    12. Moisés Selman, Andrew Churg
      Pages 275-293
    13. Matthias Möhrenschlager, Stephan Weidinger, Johannes Ring
      Pages 295-317
    14. Phil Lieberman
      Pages 319-333
    15. Malcolm W. Greaves, Allen P. Kaplan
      Pages 335-348
    16. Scott H. Sicherer
      Pages 373-386
    17. Ann K. Haylett, Lesley E. Rhodes
      Pages 387-402
    18. Benno Schnyder, Werner J. Pichler
      Pages 403-422
    19. Michael Lacour, Klaus Schmidtke, Peter Vaith, Carl Scheidt
      Pages 423-451
    20. Per Venge
      Pages 453-471
  3. Allergy and Asthma Education

    1. Vanessa M. McDonald, Peter G. Gibson
      Pages 475-489
    2. Michael Schatz
      Pages 507-541
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 543-547

About this book


When I entered the field of allergy in the early 1970s, the standard textbook was a few hundred pages, and the specialty was so compact that texts were often authored entirely by a single individual and were never larger than one volume. Compare this with Allergy Frontiers: Epigenetics, Allergens, and Risk Factors, the present s- volume text with well over 150 contributors from throughout the world. This book captures the explosive growth of our specialty since the single-author textbooks referred to above. The unprecedented format of this work lies in its meticulous attention to detail yet comprehensive scope. For example, great detail is seen in manuscripts dealing with topics such as “Exosomes, naturally occurring minimal antigen presenting units” and “Neuropeptide S receptor 1 (NPSR1), an asthma susceptibility gene.” The scope is exemplified by the unique approach to disease entities normally dealt with in a single chapter in most texts. For example, anaphylaxis, a topic usually confined to one chapter in most textbooks, is given five chapters in Allergy Frontiers. This approach allows the text to employ multiple contributors for a single topic, giving the reader the advantage of being introduced to more than one vi- point regarding a single disease.


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  • Ruby Pawankar
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  • Stephen T. Holgate
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  • Lanny J. Rosenwasser
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  1. 1.Nippon Medical SchoolTokyoJapan
  2. 2.Southampton General HospitalUniversity of SouthamptonSouthamptonUK
  3. 3.UMKC School of MedicineChildren's Mercy Hospitals and ClinicsKansas CityUSA

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