Intestinal Anisakiasis in Japan

Infected Fish, Sero-Immunological Diagnosis, and Prevention

  • Hajime Ishikura
  • Kokichi Kikuchi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. H. Ishikura
    Pages 1-2
  3. T. Aji, F. Fukuda, Y. Tongu
    Pages 57-60
  4. Y. Tongu, T. Fukuda, T. Aji
    Pages 73-79
  5. Hajime Ishikura
    Pages 89-100
  6. T. Matsui, M. Iida, M. Fujishima, T. Yao
    Pages 101-108
  7. T. Yamamoto, K. Minami
    Pages 109-117
  8. Hajime Ishikura
    Pages 119-127
  9. Y. Kikuchi, H. Ishikura, K. Kikuchi
    Pages 129-143
  10. H. Ishikura, Y. Kikuchi, O. Toyokawa, H. Hayasaka, K. Kikuchi
    Pages 159-165
  11. K. Asaishi, C. Nishino, H. Hayasaka
    Pages 167-172
  12. H. Ishikura, Y. Kikuchi, O. Toyokawa, H. Hayasaka, K. Kikuchi
    Pages 173-181
  13. S. Takahashi, A. Yagihashi, N. Sato, K. Kikuchi
    Pages 217-219
  14. C. Nishino, K. Asaishi, H. Hayasaka
    Pages 251-256
  15. H. Ishikura, K. Kikuchi
    Pages 257-257
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 259-265

About this book


Cases of intestinal anisakiasis, caused by infestation with Anisakis simplex larva, are being increasingly reported in both Europe and the United States. The most information about this affliction, however, comes from Japan, where specialists have greater experience in its diagnosis and treatment. This book is based on approximately 600 cases of intestinal anisakiasis in Japan and gives important new findings on the subject. Specific topics include the changes in infection rates among fish, the clinical manifestation of intestinal anisakiasis, the identification of Anisakis larva with genetic techniques, echographic and laparographic findings, and X-ray findings. The discussion of serological diagnosis includes the detection of Anisakis-specific IgG and IgE antibodies in patients' sera by using monoclonal antibodies against the larva.


Fischkrankheit Infektionskrankheit X-ray antibody diagnosis immunology infection infectious disease parasitology prevention treatment

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  • Hajime Ishikura
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  • Kokichi Kikuchi
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  1. 1.The Ishikura HospitalIwanaiJapan
  2. 2.Department of PathologySapporo Medical CollegeSapporoJapan

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