Novel Trends in Electroorganic Synthesis

  • Sigeru Torii
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages II-XXI
  2. Electrooxidation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Alcohols and Phenols

    3. Olefins and Aromatics

      1. Yury Ogibin, Alexey Ilovaisky, Gennady Nikishin
        Pages 29-32
      2. Kazuhiko Mizuno, Shogo Nishioka, Hajime Maeda, Nobuyuki Ichinose
        Pages 37-38
      3. James H. P. Utley, Gregor G. Rozenberg
        Pages 45-48
      4. Vitali A. Grinberg, Cynthia A. Lundgren, Sergey R. Sterlin
        Pages 49-50
    4. Nitrogen-, Sulfur-, and Selenium-Containing Compounds

      1. Kevin D. Moeller, Dean Frey, Laura Matson-Beal, Santhaparam H. K. Reddy, Yunsong Tong
        Pages 51-54
      2. Karsten Danielmeier, Doris Kolter, Masahiro Sadakane, Kerstin Schierle, Annette Stahl, Ruth Vahle et al.
        Pages 55-60
      3. Corinne Bacque-Vanucci, Catherine Celimene, Marc David, Hamid Dhimane, Gérard Lhommet
        Pages 61-64
      4. Ian Marcotte, Jean Marc Chapuzet, Yves Dory, Jean Lessard
        Pages 65-68
      5. Hideo Tanaka, Yoshihisa Tokumaru, Ken-ichi Fukui, Sigeru Torii, Christian Amatore, Anny Jutand
        Pages 71-72
      6. Makoto Kimura, Naotaka Saitoh, Hirotaka Kawai, Yasuhiko Sawaki
        Pages 73-76
      7. Jiří Ludvík, David Dvořák, Eva Neugebauerová, František Liška
        Pages 79-80
      8. Tatsuo Erabi, Eiichiro Fuchioka, Shuichi Hayase, Masanori Wada
        Pages 81-82
      9. Katsuya Ishiguro, Mitsutoshi Ozaki, Nobuyuki Sekine, Yasuhiko Sawaki
        Pages 83-86
      10. Sigeru Torii, Tomoyuki Hase, Manabu Kuroboshi, Toshimasa Katagiri, Christian Amatore, Anny Jutand et al.
        Pages 87-88
      11. Hidetaka Nakai, Hisashi Fujihara, Masakuni Yoshihara, Toshihisa Maeshima
        Pages 89-90
    5. Phosphorus- and Silicon-Containing Compounds

      1. A. P. Tomilov, B. I. Martynov, I. N. Chernyh, V. V. Turygin
        Pages 91-94
      2. Hidenobu Ohmori, Hatsuo Maeda, Sayaka Matsumoto, Takashi Koide, Toshihide Maki
        Pages 95-98
      3. Jun-ichi Yoshida, Mitsuru Watanabe, Hideaki Toshioka, Masayuki Imagawa, Seiji Suga
        Pages 99-102
      4. James Y. Becker, Mequin Shen, Zang-Rong Zheng, Robert West
        Pages 103-108
      5. Albert J. Fry, John M. Porter, Xiangyang Xuan, Burchelle Blackman, Brian Mayers, Daniel Hsu et al.
        Pages 109-112
    6. Halogenation

    7. Reaction with Mediators

      1. Toshiro Chiba, Isao Saitho, Mitsuhiro Okimoto
        Pages 123-126
      2. Junzo Nokami, Masahiro Osafune, Shin-ichi Sumida
        Pages 127-128
      3. Toshihide Maki, Kazuhiro Fukae, Hitomi Harasawa, Takahiro Ohishi, Yoshihiro Matsumura
        Pages 135-136
    8. Polymers

      1. Dominique Lorcy, Philippe Hascoat, Roger Carlier, André Tallec, Albert Robert
        Pages 147-150
      2. Noboru Ono, Chikanori Tsukamura, Youta Nomura, Takanori Yamamoto, Takashi Murashima, Takuji Ogawa
        Pages 155-156
    9. Electrodes

      1. Hatsuo Maeda, Kazunori Katayama, Hidenobu Ohmori
        Pages 157-160

About these proceedings


Among the topics of interest to organic chemists today are the versatility and uniqueness of electrolysis procedures in organic synthesis, as well as the latest advances in methodology, including basic concepts for the design of electrolysis conditions and apparatus. The International Symposium on Electroorganic Synthesis met in Kurashiki, Japan, in September 1997 for lectures on all aspects of current research in the field. This volume comprising the papers from the symposium consists of two parts. Part I, Electrooxidation, includes papers on alcohols and phenols, olefins and aromatics, halogenation, polymers, and electrodes, among others. Included in Part II, Electroreduction, are papers on carbonyl compounds, halogen-containing compounds, reaction with EG bases, and metal complexes. The novel trends presented here will be of special interest to researchers and graduate students in electroorganic chemistry and are a valuable resource for all organic chemists.


electrochemistry metals organic synthesis polymer synthesis

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