Complex Analysis and Geometry

KSCV10, Gyeongju, Korea, August 2014

  • Filippo Bracci
  • Jisoo Byun
  • Hervé Gaussier
  • Kengo Hirachi
  • Kang-Tae Kim
  • Nikolay Shcherbina
Conference proceedings

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series (PROMS, volume 144)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Marco Abate
    Pages 1-39
  3. Taeyong Ahn, Hervé Gaussier, Kang-Tae Kim
    Pages 49-55
  4. Leandro Arosio
    Pages 57-66
  5. Bo-Yong Chen
    Pages 99-117
  6. Shulim Kaliman, Frank Kutzschebauch
    Pages 175-186
  7. Joe Kamimoto, Toshihiro Nose
    Pages 187-195
  8. E. N. Mikhalkin, A. V. Shchuplev, A. K. Tsikh
    Pages 257-272
  9. Takeo Ohsawa
    Pages 273-280
  10. Hajime Tsuji
    Pages 327-342
  11. Atsushi Yamamori
    Pages 343-351
  12. Liyou Zhang
    Pages 353-367
  13. John-Erik Fornaess, Kang-Tae Kim
    Pages 369-377

About these proceedings


This volume includes 28 chapters by authors who are leading researchers of the world describing many of the up-to-date aspects in the field of several complex variables (SCV). These contributions are based upon their presentations at the 10th Korean Conference on Several Complex Variables (KSCV10), held as a satellite conference to the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) 2014 in Seoul, Korea.

SCV has been the term for multidimensional complex analysis, one of the central research areas in mathematics. Studies over time have revealed a variety of rich, intriguing, new knowledge in complex analysis and geometry of analytic spaces and holomorphic functions which were "hidden" in the case of complex dimension one. These new theories have significant intersections with algebraic geometry, differential geometry, partial differential equations, dynamics, functional analysis and operator theory, and sheaves and cohomology, as well as the traditional analysis of holomorphic functions in all dimensions.

This book is suitable for a broad audience of mathematicians at and above the beginning graduate-student level. Many chapters pose open-ended problems for further research, and one in particular is devoted to problems for future investigations.


Bergman kernel and metric Complex dynamics Holomorphic mappings L^2 d-bar theory Multiplier ideal sheaf Oka-Cartan theory Residue current Singular Hermitian metric

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  • Filippo Bracci
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  • Jisoo Byun
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  • Hervé Gaussier
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  • Kengo Hirachi
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  • Kang-Tae Kim
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  • Nikolay Shcherbina
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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversità di Roma Tor VergataRomeItaly
  2. 2.Dept. of Mathematics EducationKyungnam UniversityChangwonKorea (Republic of)
  3. 3.Université Joseph Fourier GrenobleInstitut FourierGrenobleFrance
  4. 4.Graduate School of Mathematical SciencesThe University of TokyoMeguro-kuJapan
  5. 5.Department of MathematicsPOSTECHPohangKorea (Republic of)
  6. 6.Department of MathematicsBergische Universität WuppertalWuppertalGermany

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