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Environmental Change and the Social Response in the Amur River Basin

  • Shigeko Haruyama
  • Takayuki Shiraiwa

Part of the International Perspectives in Geography book series (IPG, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Petre Y. Baklanov, Anatoly V. Moshkov
    Pages 1-35
  3. Yoshitaka Masuda, Shigeko Haruyama, Akihiko Kondo
    Pages 37-66
  4. Mizue Murooka, Shigeko Haruyama
    Pages 67-89
  5. Kotaro Yamagata, Shigeko Haruyama, Mizue Murooka, Dexuan Wang
    Pages 91-103
  6. Seiya Nagao, Baixing Yan, Vladimir I. Kim, Vladimir P. Shesterkin, Svetlana I. Leveshina, Muneoki Yoh et al.
    Pages 105-127
  7. Valeria V. Popova, Alexandr N. Zolotokrylin, Elena A. Cherenkova, Tatyana B. Titkova
    Pages 129-148

About this book


This book features research on historical land use and land cover in the Amur River Basin, which are important not only for residents there but also for those affected by its material and water cycles. Land use and land cover are affected by natural and human interactions over long and short timescales. The authors address historical changes in the land cover analysis of the Amur. The Amur region of Russia, land cover change analysis of the Amur, wetland, and flooding of the Amur provide evidence of land cover change. Changes of wetland and floodplain sedimentation processes demonstrate the influences of land cover change on fluvial environment, which are discussed with geomorphology. Water chemistry is showing the physical dimension of the geography of the Amur. The development process of timber harvesting in the Khabarovsk area and land use dynamics in the twentieth century are important evidence of development. The Amur poses an essential question: how can we manage a transboundary watershed without disturbing terrestrial and marine ecosystems for future generations? This book provides essential information for geographers about this relatively unknown region.


Amur River Basin Environmental Change Governance of River Basin Management Land Cover Change Remote Sensing and GIS

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  • Shigeko Haruyama
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  • Takayuki Shiraiwa
    • 2
  1. 1.Mie UniversityMieJapan
  2. 2.Hokkaido UniversityHokkaidoJapan

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