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Optical Spectra of Phthalocyanines and Related Compounds

A Guide for Beginners


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This book displays how optical (absorption, emission, and magnetic circular dichroism) spectra of phthalocyanines and related macrocyclic dyes can be varied from their prototypical ones depending on conditions. As these compounds can be involved in colorful chemistry (which might be driven by impurities in solvents), their spectra behave like the sea-god Proteus in their mutability. Therefore, those who have been engaged with phthalocyanines for the first time, including even educated professional researchers and engineers, may have been embarrassed by the deceptive behavior of their compounds and could have, in the worst cases, given up their projects. This book is aimed not merely at reviewing the optical spectra, but also at helping such people, particularly beginners, to figure them out by showing some examples of their prototypical spectra and their variations in several situations. For the purpose of better understanding, the book also provides an introduction to their theoretical backgrounds as graphically as possible and without mathematicization for readers who are weak in mathematics.


Absorption Spectra of Phthalocyanines Emission Spectra of Phthalocyanines Functional Dyes Gouterman Four Orbital Model Molecular Aggregation Phthalocyanines Spectra of Porphyrins

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