Drug Addiction and AIDS

  • Norbert Loimer
  • Rainer Schmid
  • Alfred Springer
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-X
  2. Epidemiology

    1. U. Tirelli, M. Spina, G. Rezza, E. Vaccher, F. Caprilli, M. Giuliani et al.
      Pages 35-39
    2. S. Sakoman, A. Hećimović
      Pages 50-69
    3. F. J. Alvarez, M. Carmen Del Rio
      Pages 70-79
    4. M. Staniaszek
      Pages 80-88
    5. K. Püschel, F. Mohsenian
      Pages 89-96
    6. K. Trübner, S. Polywka, K. Püschel, R. Laufs
      Pages 97-101
    7. F. Bschor, R. Bornemann, CH. Borowski, V. Schneider
      Pages 102-109
    8. A. Uhl, A. Springer, F. Maritsch, V. Pfersmann
      Pages 110-116
    9. N. Loimer, O. Presslich, E. Werner, G. Pakesch, E. Hollerer, V. Pfersmann et al.
      Pages 132-142
  3. Methadone Treatment

    1. H. Schmidhammer
      Pages 143-148
    2. A. Tagliamonte, I. Maremmani, D. Meloni
      Pages 178-186
    3. M. Niederecker, D. Nager, C. Garwers, G. Völkl, M. Soyka, H. Hippius
      Pages 210-215
    4. I. Maremmani, O. Zolesi, M. Cirillo, R. Nardini, P. Castrogiovanni, A. Tagliamonte
      Pages 223-229
    5. D. Pfersmann, W. Prosche, W. Werdenich, G. Pakesch, V. Pfersmann, O. Presslich et al.
      Pages 238-248
    6. H. Rittmannsberger, Ch. Bayer, M. Ruschak, Ch. Silberbauer, M. Geit, R. Simma et al.
      Pages 249-256
  4. Management and Treatment

    1. K. O. Karamustafalioğlu, M. Y. Ağargün, N. Karamustasfalloğlu, L. Alpkan, N. Eradamlar, M. Beyazyürek
      Pages 267-271
    2. A. Dobler-Michola, D. Zimmer Höfler, R. Korbel, A. Uchtenhagen
      Pages 272-285
    3. B. Nilsen, G. Welle-Strand
      Pages 286-290
    4. T. Nasierowski, H. Matsumoto, E. Kamińska-Kopicz, L. Babiuch
      Pages 298-304
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      Pages 305-312
    6. P. Pohl, J. Bangerl, E. Milly, G. Kemmler, H. Rössler, F. Deisenhammer et al.
      Pages 313-319
    7. M. Bansinath, V. K. Shukla, L. R. Goldfrank, H. Turndorf
      Pages 330-339
    8. W. Bottke
      Pages 340-354
  5. Prevention

    1. W. Heckmann, G. Krauss, B. Gusy, G. Schott-Ben Redjeb, Y. Seyrer
      Pages 372-383
    2. R. Wille, H. Siegismund, R. Pels Leusden
      Pages 398-411
    3. U. Avico, P. Castrogiovanni, A. Dell’ Utri, I. Maremmani, D. Meloni, P. E. Manconi et al.
      Pages 412-425
    4. D. X. Da Silveira, N. Da Silva Jr
      Pages 426-431

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AIDS and drug addiction is a topic of great and growing concern. AIDS first appeared among intravenous drug users in Europe in 1984, three years after the first cases were seen among homosexuals. This epidemic has spread more rapidly among intravenous drug users than in any other risk group. The high rates of HIV-1 seroprevalence among drug users in France, Italy, and Spain account for 85% of the total number of AIDS in intravenous drug users in Europe. It is anticipated that HIV-infected drug users will soon place a heavy burden on both drug treatment facilities and specialized health care units. The HIV-1 epidemic will also cross the former iron curtain. This contribution covers the wide and complex scene of drug problems and addiction as a whole. It gives researchers an opportunity to obtain background information on the spread of HIV and AIDS among intravenous drug users as well as on the clinical and psychological effects of HIV-1 infection and AIDS in Europe. The topics reviewed include surveys of intravenous drug use, HIV prevalence, detoxification, risk reduction, changing health behaviors, evaluating AIDS interventions and the impact of methadone maintenance treatment. This monograph will be of value to all clinicians, researchers, and policy makers who are concerned with the connection between intravenous drug use and AIDS.


AIDS HIV Methadon antibody cocaine drug drug abuse epidemiology hepatitis infection intervention opioid prevention research toxicity

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