Database and Expert Systems Applications

Proceedings of the International Conference in Valencia, Spain, 1992

  • A Min Tjoa
  • Isidro Ramos
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIV
  2. Invited Paper 1991

    1. Applications (I)

      1. S. Misbah Deen, Satoshi Hamada, Makoto Takizawa
        Pages 8-13
      2. Guttorm Sindre, Even-André Karlsson, Patricia Paul
        Pages 20-25
    2. Deductive Databases and Database Programming Languages

    3. Implementation Aspects (I)

    4. Information Retrieval (I)

      1. David A. Grossman, James R. Driscoll
        Pages 72-77
      2. James P. Callan, W. Bruce Croft, Stephen M. Harding
        Pages 78-83
    5. Integrity Maintenance

    6. Object-Oriented Modelling (I)

    7. Legal Systems

      1. C. van Noortwijk, P. A. W. Piepers, J. G. L. van der Wees
        Pages 127-132
      2. Cal Deedman, Daphne Gelbart, Morris Coleman
        Pages 133-137
      3. Antonio Cammelli, Fiorenza Socci
        Pages 143-148
    8. User Interfaces

      1. R. Marín, M. Taboada, R. P. Otero, A. Barreiro, J. Mira, A. Delgado
        Pages 161-166
      2. Jun Sekine, Masaru Nakagawa, Haruo Kimoto, Kiyoshi Kurokawa
        Pages 167-172
    9. Multimedia Database and Hypertext (I)

      1. T. J. M. Bench-Capon, P. E. S. Dunne, G. Staniford
        Pages 173-178
      2. M. Hofmann, S. Schmezko
        Pages 179-184
      3. D. Z. Badal
        Pages 191-196
    10. Applications (II)

      1. Dimitris Karagiannis, Rainer Staudte, Hans Grünberger
        Pages 203-208
      2. Jung-Kook Hong, Junichi Takahashi, Masahiro Kusaba
        Pages 209-214
    11. Advanced Databases

      1. Zhu Yi-fen, Li Mei, Chen Fu-an
        Pages 226-230
      2. H. Tashiro, T. Nomura, N. Ohki, T. Yokoyama, R. Kamekura, Y. Matsushita
        Pages 231-236
    12. Implementation Aspects (II)

      1. M. Aris Ouksel, A. Ghazal, Otto Mayer
        Pages 237-243
      2. Kien A. Hua, Wen K. Lee, S. D. Lang
        Pages 244-249
      3. Keh-Chang Guh, Pintsang Chang
        Pages 250-253
    13. Information Retrieval (II)

      1. M. Boughanem, C. Soulé-Dupuy
        Pages 260-265
      2. Renate Mayer
        Pages 266-269
    14. Temporal Aspects

      1. Yan-Zhen Qu, Fereidoon Sadri, Pankaj Goyal
        Pages 270-275
      2. Mehmet A. Orgun, William W. Wadge
        Pages 276-281
      3. E. D. Falkenberg, J. L. H. Oei, H. A. Proper
        Pages 282-287

About these proceedings


The Database and Expert Systems Application -DEXA - conferences are mainly oriented to establish a state-of-the art forum on Database and Expert System applications. But Practice without Theory has no sense, as Leonardo said five centuries ago. In this Conference we try a comprornise between these two complementary aspects. A total of 5 sessions are application-oriented, ranging from classical applications to more unusual ones in Software Engineering. Recent research aspects in Databases, such as activity, deductivity and/or Object Orientation are also present in DEXA 92, as weIl as the implication of the new "data models" such as OO-Model, Deductive Model, etc .. included in the Modelling sessions. Other areas of interest, such as Hyper-Text and Multimedia application, together with the classical field of Information Retrieval are also considered. FinaIly, Implementation Apects are reflected in very concrete fields. A total of of nearly 200 papers submitted from all over the world were sent to DEXA 92. Only 90 could be accepted. A Poster session has also been establishcd. DEXA 90 was held in Vienna, Austria; DEXA 91 in Berlin, Germany; and DEXA 92 will take place in Valencia, Spain, where we are celebrating the discovery of thc New World just five centurics ago, in Leonardo's age. Both the quality of the Conference and the compromise between Practice and Thcory are duc to the credit of all the DEXA 92 authors.


behavior classification database expert system fuzzy logic heuristics information retrieval knowledge base knowledge engineering knowledge-based systems machine learning modeling neural networks proving uncertainty

Editors and affiliations

  • A Min Tjoa
    • 1
  • Isidro Ramos
    • 2
  1. 1.Institut für Statistik und InformatikUniversität WienViennaAustria
  2. 2.Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y ComputaciónUniversidad Politécnica de ValenciaValenciaSpain

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