Artificial Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms

Proceedings of the International Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, 2001

  • Věra Kůrková
  • Roman Neruda
  • Miroslav Kárný
  • Nigel C. Steele
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. Plenary Talks and Tutorials

  3. Neural Networks — Theory

    1. N. C. Steele, C. R. Reeves, E. I. Gaura
      Pages 27-30
    2. Vladimír Kvasnička
      Pages 31-34
    3. Věra Kůrková, Marcello Sanguineti
      Pages 35-38
    4. Colin Reeves, Charles Johnston
      Pages 47-50
    5. Carlos E. Pedreira, Luiz Carlos Pedroza, Mayte Fariñas
      Pages 55-58
    6. Herna L. Viktor, Iryna Skrypnik
      Pages 59-62
    7. Xinchuan Zeng, Tony R. Martinez
      Pages 63-66
    8. Andrzej Wichert, Birgit Lonsinger-Miller
      Pages 67-69
    9. S. P. Turvey, S. P. Hunt, N. Davey, R. J. Frank
      Pages 70-73
    10. Colin Reeves, Gurdeep Singh Billan
      Pages 82-85
    11. Ya-Jun Zhang, Zhi-Qiang Liu
      Pages 86-89
    12. Ryotaro Kamimura, Taeko Kamimura, Thomas R. Shultz
      Pages 90-93
    13. D. Vogiatzis, A. Stafylopatis
      Pages 98-101
    14. R. S. Venema, L. Spaanenburg
      Pages 102-105
    15. L. Spaanenburg
      Pages 106-109
    16. L. F. Mingo, L. Aslanyan, J. Castellanos, V. Riazanov, M. A. Díaz
      Pages 110-113
    17. Leandro Nunes de Castro, Fernando J. Von Zuben
      Pages 114-117
    18. David William Pearson, Gérard Dray
      Pages 122-125
    19. Leandro Nunes de Castro, Fernando J. Von Zuben
      Pages 126-129
    20. Felix A. Gers, Jürgen Schmidhuber
      Pages 134-137
  4. Neural Networks — Applications

    1. Václav Šebesta, Jana Tučková
      Pages 145-148
    2. Ieroham Baruch, José Martín Flores, Ruben Garrido, Boyka Nenkova
      Pages 165-168
    3. Catarina Silva, Manuel Crisóstomo, Bernardete Ribeiro
      Pages 173-176
    4. J. Barrera Cortés, I. Baruch, L. Valdez Castro, V. Vázquez Cervantes
      Pages 177-180
    5. Lenka Landryova, John P. Robinson
      Pages 181-184
    6. Jussi Mäkilä, Juha-Pekka Jalkanen
      Pages 185-188
    7. K. K. Lee, C. J. Harris, S. R. Gunn, P. A. S. Reed
      Pages 189-192
    8. Jan Grman, Rudolf Ravas, Livia Syrova
      Pages 193-196
    9. M. Köppen, A. Soria-Frisch, R. Vicente-García
      Pages 197-200

About these proceedings


The first ICANNGA conference, devoted to biologically inspired computational paradigms, Neural Net­ works and Genetic Algorithms, was held in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1993. The meeting attracted researchers from all over Europe and further afield, who decided that this particular blend of topics should form a theme for a series of biennial conferences. The second meeting, held in Ales, France, in 1995, carried on the tradition set in Innsbruck of a relaxed and stimulating environment for the. exchange of ideas. The series has continued in Norwich, UK, in 1997, and Portoroz, Slovenia, in 1999. The Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences, is pleased to host the fifth conference in Prague. We have chosen the Liechtenstein palace under the Prague Castle as the conference site to enhance the traditionally good atmosphere of the meeting. There is an inspirational genius loci of the historical center of the city, where four hundred years ago a fruitful combination of theoretical and empirical method, through the collaboration of Johannes Kepler and Tycho de Brahe, led to the discovery of the laws of planetary orbits.


Analysis Hub Pattern Recognition Routing algorithms artificial intelligence complexity data mining fuzzy logic image analysis modeling optimization proving simulation

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  • Věra Kůrková
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  • Roman Neruda
    • 1
  • Miroslav Kárný
    • 2
  • Nigel C. Steele
    • 3
  1. 1.Institute of Computer ScienceCzech Republic
  2. 2.Institute of Information Theory and AutomationAcademy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicPragueCzech Republic
  3. 3.Division of MathematicsSchool of Mathematical and Information Sciences Coventry UniversityCoventryUK

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