The European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence (EPNOE)

Research Initiatives and Results

  • Patrick Navard

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Pierre Avenas
    Pages 13-21
  3. Thomas Heinze, Katrin Petzold-Welcke, Jan E. G. van Dam
    Pages 23-64
  4. Axel Rußler, Anna Bogolitsyna, Gerhard Zuckerstätter, Antje Potthast, Thomas Rosenau
    Pages 65-89
  5. Patrick Navard, Frank Wendler, Frank Meister, Maria Bercea, Tatiana Budtova
    Pages 91-152
  6. Frank Wendler, Thomas Schulze, Danuta Ciechanska, Ewa Wesolowska, Dariusz Wawro, Frank Meister et al.
    Pages 153-185
  7. Lidija Fras Zemljic, Silvo Hribernik, Avinash P. Manian, Hale B. Öztürk, Zdenka Peršin, Majda Sfiligoj Smole et al.
    Pages 187-214
  8. Karin Stana-Kleinschek, Heike M. A. Ehmann, Stefan Spirk, Aleš Doliška, Hubert Fasl, Lidija Fras-Zemljič et al.
    Pages 215-251
  9. Pedro Fardim, Tim Liebert, Thomas Heinze
    Pages 253-282
  10. Thomas Heinze, Andreas Koschella, Tim Liebert, Valeria Harabagiu, Sergio Coseri
    Pages 283-327
  11. Iwona Kardas, Marcin Henryk Struszczyk, Magdalena Kucharska, Lambertus A. M. van den Broek, Jan E. G. van Dam, Danuta Ciechańska
    Pages 329-373
  12. Anu Koivula, Sanni Voutilainen, Jaakko Pere, Kristiina Kruus, Anna Suurnäkki, Lambertus A. M. van den Broek et al.
    Pages 375-392
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 393-401

About this book


This book provides an essential overview of the science of polysaccharides. It both approaches polysaccharides as a polymer class and provides detailed descriptions of most major polysaccharides (cellulose, mannan, xylan, chitin-chitosan, cyclodextrines). Owing to the multidisciplinary character of the European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence (EPNOE), the book describes all main aspects of polysaccharide science and technology (biology, enzymology, physics, chemistry, materials science and processing). Notations and concepts follow a uniform format throughout the whole work in order to create a valuable reference book on the field of polysaccharide science. Owing to the major importance of industry in the EPNOE, concrete applications are also described in detail.


EPNOE polymer polysaccharide polysaccharide science polysaccharide technology

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