Vademecum de l’ingénieur en musique

  • Pierre Barbaud

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About this book


From the reviews (Zentrallblatt MATH):

"This highly interesting and original book is not intended to give a guide to composing music, but aims to create a kind of universal musical grammar by quantitatively describing the parameters characterizing pieces of music. The result is a "Gradus ad Parnassum" with the following 9 chapters: The Musical Sound, The Tone Duration, Three Strings and Chords, Ornaments, The "Horizontal" Notation, Twelve-tone Music, The Utilization of the "Sound Continuum", Musical Poetry, Theory of Illustrations , In contrast to many other works, the author has succeeded in producing a serious book; the interested reader may read the preface and the epilogue ("De la Composition de Musique")."


composition automatique musique programmation theories des groupes music parameter

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