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Applied Research of Quantum Information Based on Linear Optics


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This thesis reports on outstanding work in two main subfields of quantum information science: one involves the quantum measurement problem, and the other concerns quantum simulation. The thesis proposes using a polarization-based displaced Sagnac-type interferometer to achieve partial collapse measurement and its reversal, and presents the first experimental verification of the nonlocality of the partial collapse measurement and its reversal. All of the experiments are carried out in the linear optical system, one of the earliest experimental systems to employ quantum communication and quantum information processing. The thesis argues that quantum measurement can yield quantum entanglement recovery, which is demonstrated by using the frequency freedom to simulate the environment. Based on the weak measurement theory, the author proposes that white light can be used to precisely estimate phase, and effectively demonstrates that the imaginary part of the weak value can be introduced by means of weak measurement evolution. Lastly, a nine-order polarization-based displaced Sagnac-type interferometer employing bulk optics is constructed to perform quantum simulation of the Landau-Zener evolution, and by tuning the system Hamiltonian, the first experiment to research the Kibble-Zurek mechanism in non-equilibrium kinetics processes is carried out in the linear optical system.


Entanglement Evolution Kibble-Zurek Mechanism Landau-Zener Model Linear Optics Quantum Coherence Quantum Correlation Quantum Entanglement Quantum Measurement Quantum Non-equilibrium Dynamics Quantum Partial Collapse Measurement Quantum Simulation Quantum Weak Measurement

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.and Technology of ChinaUniversity of ScienceHefeiChina

About the authors

Dr. Xiao-Ye Xu received PhD degree from University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei in 2013. He studied Key Laboratory of Quantum Information under Prof. Guangcan Guo's supervisory. His research was focused on Quantum physics, Quantum information science and Quantum optics.

Dr. Xu's honors:
Dean's award of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2013)
Excellent PhD thesis prize in Chinese Academy of Sciences (2014)

Dr. Xu's publications:
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