Ubiquitous Learning Environments and Technologies

  •  Kinshuk
  • Ronghuai Huang

Part of the Lecture Notes in Educational Technology book series (LNET)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Jon Dron, Terry Anderson
    Pages 15-29
  3. Vivekanandan Suresh Kumar, Kinshuk, Clayton Clemens, Steven Harris
    Pages 31-53
  4. Chris Lu, Maiga Chang, Kinshuk, Echo Huang, Ching-Wen Chen
    Pages 55-76
  5. Ting-Wen Chang, Jeffrey Kurcz, Moushir M. El-Bishouty, Kinshuk, Sabine Graf
    Pages 77-97
  6. Dunwei Wen, Yan Gao, Guangbing Yang
    Pages 119-137
  7. Vivekanandan Suresh Kumar, Kinshuk, Thamarai Selvi Somasundaram, David Boulanger, Jérémie Seanosky, Marcello F. Vilela
    Pages 139-158
  8. Mohamed Koutheaïr Khribi, Mohamed Jemni, Olfa Nasraoui
    Pages 159-180
  9. Alex Mottus, Kinshuk, Sabine Graf, Nian-Shing Chen
    Pages 181-199
  10. Moushir M El-Bishouty, Kevin Saito, Tingwen Chang, Kinshuk, Sabine Graf
    Pages 225-242
  11. Ronghuai Huang, Yongbin Hu, Junfeng Yang
    Pages 243-258

About this book


This book focuses on the design and architecture of ubiquitous learning environments, associated technologies, various learning scenarios supported by these environments, and different contexts that arise in environments where the seamless immersion of formal and informal activities and interactions has the potential to contribute to the learning process. With particular focus on adaptivity for individual learners, the book explores the diminishing boundaries of formal and informal learning, and the potential of location-aware context-sensitive approaches that are emerging as successors to the Web 2.0 paradigm.


Adaptive and personalized learning Authentic learning Emergent pedagogies Learning technologies Life long learning New generation students Personalized Learning Environments Technology enhanced learning Ubiquitous learning

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  2. 2.Faculty of Education ResearchBeijing Normal UniversityBeijingChina

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