Active Control of Magneto-hydrodynamic Instabilities in Hot Plasmas

  • Valentin Igochine

Part of the Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics book series (SSAOPP, volume 83)

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  2. Valentin Igochine
    Pages 9-51
  3. Ian T. Chapman
    Pages 105-142
  4. Yunfeng Liang
    Pages 143-181
  5. Valentin Igochine
    Pages 183-226
  6. Tim C. Hender
    Pages 227-257
  7. Marc Maraschek
    Pages 259-304
  8. Simon D. Pinches, Sergei E. Sharapov
    Pages 305-321
  9. Piero Martin
    Pages 323-342

About this book


During the past century, world-wide energy consumption has risen dramatically, which leads to a quest for new energy sources. Fusion of hydrogen atoms in hot plasmas is an attractive approach to solve the energy problem, with abundant fuel, inherent safety and no long-lived radioactivity.  However, one of the limits on plasma performance is due to the various classes of magneto-hydrodynamic instabilities that may occur. The physics and control of these instabilities in modern magnetic confinement fusion devices is the subject of this book. Written by foremost experts, the contributions will provide valuable reference and up-to-date research reviews for "old hands" and newcomers alike.


Control of MHD Instabilities Future Fusion Control Limits on Plasma Performance Magnetic Stabilization of Plasma Physics of MHD Instabilities Plasma Control in Tokamak Tokamak Physics

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