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Dictionary of Minor Planet Names


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Until recently, minor planet name citations were scattered in the astronomical literature, and the origin of many names remained obscure. In 1988 the IAU Commission 20 established a study group to elucidate the meanings of asteroid names. Later on the author continued in collecting and indexing all new relevant data. This book contains the names, and their meanings, of all - as yet 5252 - named minor planets. It informs about the discoverers as well as the circumstances of the discovery of all 7041 minor planets that were numbered up to June 1996. In addition to being of practical value for identification purposes, the collection provides a most interesting historical insight into the work of those astronomers who over two centuries vested their affinities in a rich and colourful variety of ingenious names, from heavenly goddesses to more prosaic constructions. This third, revised and enlarged edition comprises about 40% more information than was provided with the first one of 1992.


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