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Computer Speech

Recognition, Compression, Synthesis


Part of the Springer Series in Information Sciences book series (SSINF, volume 35)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXXIV
  2. Manfred R. Schroeder
    Pages 1-21
  3. Manfred R. Schroeder
    Pages 23-40
  4. Manfred R. Schroeder
    Pages 41-65
  5. Holger Quast, Robert Bosch
    Pages 67-106
  6. Manfred R. Schroeder
    Pages 107-127
  7. Manfred R. Schroeder
    Pages 129-134
  8. Manfred R. Schroeder
    Pages 135-147
  9. Manfred R. Schroeder
    Pages 149-152
  10. Manfred R. Schroeder
    Pages 153-177
  11. Manfred R. Schroeder
    Pages 179-206
  12. Manfred R. Schroeder
    Pages 207-245
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 279-381

About this book


The first edition having been sold out, gives me a welcome opportunity to augment this volume by some recent applications of speech research. A new chapter, by Holger Quast, treats speech dialogue systems and natural lan­ guage processing. Dictation programs for word processors, voice dialing for mobile phones, and dialogue systems for air travel reservations, automated banking, and translation over the telephone are at the forefront of human-machine inter­ faces. Spoken language dialogue systems are also invaluable for the physically handicapped. For researchers new to the field, the new chapter (pp. 67-106) provides an overview of fundamental linguistic concepts from phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, gramm ars and knowedge representation. Symbolic methodology, such as Norman Chomsky's traditional hierarchy of formal languages is layed out as are statistical approaches to analyze text. Proven tools of language processing are covered in detail, including finite­ state automata, Zipf's law, trees annd parsers. The second part of the new chapter introduces the building blocks of state-of-the-art dialogue systems.


Signaltheorie Speech recognition and synthesis Sprac Spracherkennung und Synthese communication information modeling multimedia natural language natural language processing signal analysis speech processing speech recognition speech synthesis

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