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Linear and Nonlinear Interactions of Laser Light and Matter


Part of the Advanced Texts in Physics book series (ADTP)

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This book covers the fundamental properties and the description of single photons and light beams, experimentally and theoretically. It explains the essentials of linear interactions and most nonlinear interactions between light and matter in both the transparent and absorbing cases. It also provides a basic understanding of modern lasers, as well as the principles of nonlinear optical spectroscopy. It is self-consistent and enriched by a large number of calculated illustrations, examples, and descriptive tables. Graduate students in physics and electrical engineering, as well as other sciences, will find this book a thorough introduction to the field, while for lecturers and scientists it is a rich source of useful information and a ready-to-hand reference.


Absorption applied optics textbook electrical engineering laser lasers explained non-linear optics optics photonics reference on photonics spectroscopy

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From the reviews:
"Ralf Menzel's ambitious Photonics aims to "assemble the necessary knowledge ranging from the basic principles of quantum physics to the methods describing light and its linear and nonlinear interaction with matter, to practical hints on how the different types of lasers and spectroscopic and other measuring techniques can be applied." This self-description is accurate. The result is almost a handbook, reviewing in a single author's voice the basic properties of light and its linear and nonlinear interactions with matter, both in the absence and in the presence of absorption. A final section on nonlinear optical spectroscopy follows a section reviewing principles and properties of lasers.
(...) a clear compendium of useful information, giving quick snapshots of concepts in linear and nonlinear spectroscopy."
(Physics Today, March 2002)

"The result is a clear compendium of useful information, giving quick snapshots of concepts in linear and nonlinear spectroscopy.”