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Maxwell´s Equations

From Current Density Distribution to the Radiation Field of the Hertzian Dipole


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About this book


This book focuses on the derivation and solution of Maxwell’s equations. The stations along the way include the laws of potential and current density distribution, as well as the laws of electrostatics and stationary magnetic fields. The book is chiefly intended for students of electrical engineering, information technology, and physics; the goal is to prepare them for courses on Electromagnetic Field Theory (EFT). Building on what they have learned in advanced physics and mathematics courses at secondary school or technical college, it is intended to accompany university-level EFT courses. Particular importance is attached to detailed explanations in text form, combined with a wealth of illustrations. All formulas are derived step by step.  .


• Potential and Current Density Distribution

• Electrostatics

• The Stationary Magnetic Field

• Time-Varying Electric and Magnetic Fields

• Wave Propagation

• Appendix:  Verification of the Calculation Rules for Vector Analysis

Target groups

Students of electrical engineering and information technology, as well as physics students 

About the author

Prof. Jürgen Donnevert lectures and conducts research in the fields of transmission systems, optical communications engineering, radio relay technology and mobile communications. 


Theoretical Electrical and Electronic Engineering Electrostatics Magneto statics Wave equations Law of Induction Vector operations in three coordinate systems Wave propagation Time-varying magnetic and electric fields Displacement current Hertzian dipole Near and far field of the Hertzian dipole Near field Field lines of the Hertzian dipole electrodynamics Antenna parameters Energy flow of the Hertzian dipole First and second Maxwell´s equation Ampère´s circuital law Equations of Potential Electromagnetic Field Theory

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About the authors

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Donnevert has taught and researched in the fields of transmission systems, optical communication engineering, radio relay technology, and mobile communications.  

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