Philanthropic Foundations and Social Welfare

A Comparative Study of Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom (England)

  • Sarah Förster

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About this book


The existing welfare regime literature identifies differences in welfare state systems. Sarah Förster asks, if we can learn something on the organizational level about the embedding of philanthropic foundations in the field of social welfare in different welfare state systems. This investigation is based on comparative insights from the three country cases of Germany, Sweden and the UK (England). Guided by propositions from theoretical analysis of welfare regime literature, comparative explorative case studies based on interview data and secondary sources give insights into the field and the embedding of philanthropic social welfare foundations in the three different welfare state systems. Each type of foundation has different levels of independence from external constraints and is embedded to different degrees according to the propositions from welfare regime theory. These differences hold further implications for the investigation of foundations as a special organizational form.

  • Research Problem and Broader Research Context
  • Welfare Regimes and the Underlying Logic of Country Differences
  • Plan of Inquiry
  • Country Case Studies
  • Regime Influence, Theoretical Propositions
Target Groups
  • Researchers and students of sociology and political science
  • Foundation managers, politicians, practitioners in welfare associations, and social service providers
The Author
Sarah Förster works at the Office for Research and Innovation at the Technical University of Munich.


Social services Welfare state typology Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism Varieties of Capitalism Social Origins Nonprofit sector

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