Sustainable Mobility in Munich

Exploring the Role of Discourse in Policy Change

  • Chelsea Tschoerner-Budde

Part of the Studien zur Mobilitäts- und Verkehrsforschung book series (SZMV)

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About this book


Chelsea Tschoerner-Budde analyzes discourse in two cases of sustainable mobility policymaking in Munich: cycling promotion and electric mobility promotion. Both cases revealed that the formation and integration of a new, socially driven discourse on everyday mobility was necessary for policy change. Historically, transport policy has been structured to improve flow and manage transport systems. The new ‘everyday mobility cultures’ approach presents a potential framework for improving policymaking and fostering a transition in the transport sector.

  • Current practices in transport policy and the need for change
  • The importance of discourse analysis for sustainable mobility policymaking
  • Analysis of discourse in Munich’s cycling and electric mobility promotion
  • Assessment of competing approaches and reconciling discourses in policymaking

Target Groups 
  • Researchers and students in transport policy studies, sociology and engineering
  • Professionals in transport planning, mobility management, sustainability and climate and environmental protection

The Author 
Chelsea Tschoerner-Budde is a consultant in the Ministry of Transport for the State of Hessen. She received her doctoral degree from the University of Freiburg. Her research integrates interpretive policy studies and mobilities research, and aims to develop the knowledge and tools needed to form sustainable policies in the transport sector.


Sustainable mobility Discourse analysis Transport policy Local policymaking Cycling policy Electric mobility policy Mobilities research Interpretive policy analysis Munich Policy Change Munich electric mobility promotion Munich cycling promotion Everyday mobility cultures’

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  • Chelsea Tschoerner-Budde
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  1. 1.Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-GeislingenMainzGermany

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