Bending Behavior of Thermoplastic Composite Sheets

Viscoelasticity and Temperature Dependency in the Draping Process

  • Steffen Ropers

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Within the scope of this work, Steffen Ropers evaluates the viscoelastic and temperature-dependent nature of the bending behavior of thermoplastic composite sheets in order to further enhance the predictability of the draping simulation. This simulation is a useful tool for the development of robust large scale processes for continuously fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRP). The bending behavior thereby largely influences the size and position of wrinkles, which are one of the most common processing defects for continuously fiber-reinforced parts. Thus, a better understanding of the bending behavior of thermoplastic composite sheets as well as an appropriate testing method along with corresponding material models contribute to a wide-spread application of CFRPs in large scale production.

  • Thermoplastic Prepregs
  • Draping Simulation of Thermoplastic Prepregs
  • Bending Characterization of Textile Composites
  • Modeling of Bending Behavior
Target Groups
  • Researchers and students in the field of polymer, lightweight, computational, or mechanical engineering
  • Practitioners in the automotive industry, polymer processing, lightweight design, computational aided engineering (CAE)
About the Author
Steffen Ropers studied mechanical engineering at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S., with majors in polymer engineering and manufacturing technology. He is currently employed at the materials and processes department of a notable automotive OEM. <


Thermoplastic resin Thermo-mechanical Finite element analysis (FEA) Forming Mechanical testing Textile composites

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