Unsteady Turbulent Flow Modelling and Applications

  • David Roos Launchbury

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About this book


The master thesis of David Roos Launchbury deals with the implementation and validation of a numerical solver for incompressible large eddy simulation (LES) with heat transfer in OpenFOAM. Academic and industrial cases, ranging from flow between parallel plates to film cooling, are investigated utilising existing and newly-implemented turbulence models. Simulations using no turbulence models, i.e. under-resolved DNS (UDNS) simulations, are performed for comparison. Very good results are obtained in all cases with variations among the individual models, with the UDNS simulations performing surprisingly well. The study shows that the developed software is able to simulate complex cases reliably and accurately.

  • Large Eddy Simulation
  • Subgrid Models
  • Solver
  • Validation
  • Parallel Performance
  • Recommendations for LES Simulations 

Target Groups
  • Lecturers and Students of Engineering and Fluid Dynamics
  • Readers interested in Computational Fluid
Dynamics and Turbulence Modelling

The Author
David Roos Launchbury finished his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in Horw, Switzerland, and is currently working as research associate at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Engineering and Architecture.


Large Eddy Simulation OpenFOAM Incompressible Flows Heat Transfer Subgrid Models

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  1. 1.CC Fluid MechanicsandHydro MachinesLucerne Univ. of Applied Sciences & ArtsHorwSwitzerland

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