Diesel Engine Management

Systems and Components

  • Konrad Reif

Part of the Bosch Professional Automotive Information book series (BPAI)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-X
  2. Karl-Heinz Dietsche
    Pages 1-11
  3. Joachim Lackner, Herbert Schumacher, Hermann Grieshabe
    Pages 12-15
  4. Hermann Grieshabe, Thorsten Raatz
    Pages 16-33
  5. Jörg Ullmann
    Pages 34-45
  6. Jörg Ullmann, Thorsten Allgeier
    Pages 46-59
  7. Thomas Wintrich, Meike Keller
    Pages 60-71
  8. Hermann Grieshabe, Jens Olaf Stein
    Pages 72-77
  9. Ulrich Projahn, Meike Keller, Rolf Ebert, Peter Schelhas, Klaus Ortner
    Pages 90-97
  10. Ulrich Projahn, Thorsten Allgeier, Carlos Alvarez-Avila, Guilherme Bittencourt, Matthias Hickl, Guido Kampa et al.
    Pages 98-109
  11. Ulrich Projahn, Carlos Alvarez-Avila, Guilherme Bittencourt, Matthias Hickl, Guido Kampa, Rainer Merkle et al.
    Pages 110-113
  12. Felix Landhäußer, Ulrich Projahn, Michael Heinzelmann, Ralf Wirth
    Pages 114-127
  13. Sandro Soccol, Werner Brühmann
    Pages 128-151
  14. Thomas Kügler
    Pages 152-161
  15. Thomas Kügler
    Pages 162-167
  16. Kurt Sprenger
    Pages 168-171
  17. Wolfgang Dreßler
    Pages 172-177
  18. Jens Olaf Stein
    Pages 178-199
  19. Ralf Wirth, Jens Olaf Stein, Norbert Breuer, Johannes K. Schaller, Thomas Hauber
    Pages 200-219
  20. Felix Landhäußer, Michael Heinzelmann, Andreas Michalske, Mikel Lorente Susaeta, Martin Grosser, Johannes Feger et al.
    Pages 220-271
  21. Felix Landhäußer, Michael Heinzelmann, Andreas Michalske, Mikel Lorente Susaeta, Martin Grosser, Johannes Feger et al.
    Pages 272-277
  22. Joachim Berger
    Pages 278-295
  23. Günter Driedger, Walter Lehle, Wolfgang Schauer
    Pages 296-307
  24. Stephan Sohnle, Rainer Rehage, Rainer Heinzmann, Rolf Wörner, Günter Mauderer, Hans Binder
    Pages 308-327
  25. Karl-Heinz Dietsche
    Pages 328-331
  26. Stefan Becher, Torsten Eggert
    Pages 332-351
  27. Andreas Kreh, Bernd Hinner, Rainer Pelka
    Pages 352-359
  28. Back Matter
    Pages 360-370

About this book


This reference book provides a comprehensive insight into todays diesel injection systems and electronic control. It focusses on minimizing emissions and exhaust-gas treatment. Innovations by Bosch in the field of diesel-injection technology have made a significant contribution to the diesel boom. Calls for lower fuel consumption, reduced exhaust-gas emissions and quiet engines are making greater demands on the engine and fuel-injection systems.


​History of the diesel engine.- Areas of use for diesel engines.- Basic principles of the diesel engine.- Fuels: Diesel fuel.- Fuels: Alternative fuels.- Cylinder-charge control systems.- Basic principles of diesel fuel-injection.- Overview of diesel fuel-injection systems.- Fuel supply to the low pressure stage.- Overview of discrete cylinder systems.- Unit injector system.- Unit pump system.- Overview of common-rail systems.- High pressure components of the common-rail system.- Injection nozzles.- Nozzle holders.- High pressure lines.- Start assist systems.- Minimizing emissions inside of the engine.- Exhaust-gas treatment.- Electronic diesel control.- Electronic control unit.- Sensors.- Fault diagnostics.- Service technology.- Exhaust-gas emissions.- Emissions-control legislation.- Exhaust-gas measuring techniques.

The target groups

Motor-vehicle technicians in education and vocational training

Master-mechanics and technicians in garage-workshops

Teachers and lecturers in vocational schools

Students at universities and technical colleges

And all those interested in automotive engineering

About the Bosch Group

Bosch is the world´s largest independent supplier of parts and equipment for motor vehicles. Innovations by Bosch have shaped the development of the automobile. Bosch´s dominant technological role in many fields is demonstrated by the fact that it has the most patent applications in automotive engineering in Germany, to the European Patent Office and in the USA.


Basic principles Diesel fuel-injection High pressure lines History Injection nozzles Unit pump system

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