Establishing Corporate Innovation Communities

A Social Capital Perspective

  • Martin Dumbach

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  2. Introduction: What is this dissertation about?

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  3. Theoretical background: Open innovation, communities, and social capital

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  4. Antecedents of social capital in corporate innovation communities on three levels: A case study approach

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  5. Individual level antecedents of social capital in corporate innovation communities: A SEM approach

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  6. Discussion and conclusion: Reflections on research presented in this dissertation

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About this book


Because of the specific characteristics of innovation communities, social relationships between community members play a pivotal role for performance in such settings. In response, Martin Dumbach takes a social capital perspective and approaches the research question: What are antecedents of social capital in corporate innovation communities? Using both qualitative as well as quantitative methods, the research presented offers interesting insights into the dynamics of the development of community networks. In more detail, the author describes innovation community social capital as a self-reinforcing asset that is affected by antecedents on the individual, the community, and the organizational level. These findings add to the literature on innovation communities and social capital and have important implications for community management.



·        Theoretical background: Open innovation, communities, and social capital

·        Research question: What are antecedents of social capital in corporate innovation communities?

·        Methods: Case study and SEM approaches


Target Groups

·         Researchers and students of innovation management

·         Practitioners who deal with the establishment and management of innovation communities


The Author(s)

Dr. Martin Dumbach received his PhD in economic sciences from the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, where he worked as Research Associate for Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein at the Chair of Information Systems I – Innovation & Value Creation.



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