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TEX: starting from 1


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About this book


TEX is the program for printing high quality mathematical text to which all others are compared. It is flexible enough to be used on many different computer architectures and operating systems ranging from microcomputers to mainframes. In a relatively short period of time it has become the standard tool for mathematical typesetting at practically all major universities. The versality of TEX has allowed it to be used in a wide variety of applications; for example, it is used for publishing scholarly journals which adhere to the highest typesetting standards, and also to publish student papers and theses. This book is designed for the complete newcomer to TEX. It starts by showing how to typeset simple text that mostly uses the defaults predefined by TEX. By use of graded exercises, the situations covered slowly become more complex and include many different types of mathematical constructions and tables. In the end it is possible to handle almost any standard mathematical situation. The different tables presented in this book allow it to be used as a quick reference. The similar features of TEX are gathered together whenever possible to give an overview that is a good foundation forbecoming more proficient and for doing more creative typesetting. This book can be used either as a tool to learn just enough TEX to write standardmathematical papers of modest complexity or as a building block to prepare for more ambitious typesetting projects.


DTP Dokumentaufbereitung Satz TEX Typesetting Typographie document preparation fonts typography

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