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Atmospheric Methane: Sources, Sinks, and Role in Global Change

  • M. A. K. Khalil
Conference proceedings

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 13)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-IX
  2. An Introduction to Atmospheric Methane

    1. M. A. K. Khalil
      Pages 1-6
  3. Record of Atmospheric Methane

    1. R. Conrad, R. A. Rasmussen
      Pages 7-37
    2. D. Raynaud, J. Chappellaz
      Pages 38-61
    3. B. Stauffer, M. Wahlen, F. Moraes
      Pages 89-101
  4. Formation and Consumption of Methane

    1. Nigel T. Roulet, William S. Reeburgh
      Pages 128-137
  5. Sources and Sinks

    1. Michael J. Whiticar
      Pages 138-167
    2. M. A. K. Khalil, M. J. Shearer, R. A. Rasmussen
      Pages 168-179
    3. M. A. K. Khalil, M. J. Shearer
      Pages 180-198
  6. Methane Emissions from Individual Sources

    1. D. E. Johnson, T. M. Hill, G. M. Ward, K. A. Johnson, M. E. Branine, B. R. Carmean et al.
      Pages 199-229
    2. M. J. Shearer, M. A. K. Khalil
      Pages 230-253
    3. H.-U. Neue, P. A. Roger
      Pages 254-298
    4. Joel S. Levine, Wesley R. Cofer III, Joseph P. Pinto
      Pages 299-313
    5. Elaine Matthews
      Pages 314-361
    6. Susan A. Thorneloe, Morton A. Barlaz, Rebecca Peer, L. C. Huff, Lee Davis, Joe Mangino
      Pages 362-398
    7. L. Lee Beck, Stephen D. Piccot, David A. Kirchgessner
      Pages 399-431
    8. A. G. Judd, R. H. Charlier, A. Lacroix, G. Lambert, C. Rouland
      Pages 432-456
    9. D. Bachelet, H. U. Neue
      Pages 457-468

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Methane plays many important roles in the earth's environment. It is a potent "greenhouse gas" that warms the earth; controls the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere (OH) indirectly affecting the cycles and abundances of many atmospheric trace gases; provides water vapor to the stratosphere; scavenges chlorine atoms from the stratosphere, terminating the catalytic ozone destruction by chlorine atoms, including the chlorine released from the man-made chlorofluorocarbons; produces ozone, CO, and CO2 in the troposphere; and it is an index of life on earth and so is present in greater quantities during warm interglacial epochs and dwindles to low levels during the cold of ice ages. By all measures, methane is the second only to CO2 in causing future global warming. The book presents a comprehensive account of the current understanding of atmospheric methane, and it is an end point for summarizing more than a decade of intensive research on the global sources, sinks, concentrations, and environmental role of methane.


Air Pollution Atmospheric Methane Global Warming Globale Erwärmung Greenhouse gas Luftverschmutzung Methan Troposphere environment

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