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Fundamental Algorithms for Computer Graphics

NATO Advanced Study Institute directed by J.E. Bresenham, R.A. Earnshaw, M.L.V. Pitteway

  • Rae A. Earnshaw
Conference proceedings

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 17)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-16
  2. Line and Area Algorithms

  3. Arcs, Circles and Conics

  4. Curves and Curve Drawing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 287-287
    2. Invited Papers

      1. R. A. Earnshaw
        Pages 289-301
      2. K. W. Brodlie
        Pages 303-323

About these proceedings


Algorithms provide the basic foundation for all computational processes. This volume presents algorithms at the foundational level and also at the various levels between this level and the user application. Some of these algorithms are classical and have become well established in the field. This material is therefore a rich source of information and is still relevant and up to date. The basic primitives of computer graphics have remained unchanged: lines, circles, conics, curves and characters. This volume contains reference material in all these areas. The higher levelsof contouring and surface drawing are also well covered. Developments in hardware architectures have continued since the first printing, but the basic principles of hardware/software trade-offs remain valid. This reprint is being published as a Study Edition to make the material more accessible to students and researchers in the field of computer graphics andits applications. The continuing popularity of the original book demonstrates the value and timeliness of its contents.


Algorithmen CAD Computer-Animation Software algorithms animation architecture computational geometry computer animation computer graphics geometrische Algorithmen

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