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Liming of Acidified Surface Waters

A Swedish Synthesis

  • Lennart Henrikson
  • Y. W. Brodin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIX
  2. Lennart Henrikson, Y.-W. Brodin
    Pages 1-44
  3. Y.-W. Brodin
    Pages 63-80
  4. William Dickson, Y-W Brodin
    Pages 81-124
  5. Anders Wilander, Paul Andersson, Hans Borg, Ola Broberg
    Pages 125-178
  6. Stefan Larsson
    Pages 193-220
  7. Erik Degerman, Lennart Henrikson, Jan Herrmann, Per Nyberg
    Pages 221-282
  8. Magnus Appelberg
    Pages 283-308
  9. Jan-Erik Svensson, Lennart Henrikson, Stefan Larsson, Anders Wilander
    Pages 309-325
  10. Ingemar Alenäs, Erik Degerman, Lennart Henrikson
    Pages 363-374
  11. Björn C. Bergquist
    Pages 399-422
  12. Bo Bengtsson, Anders Bogelius
    Pages 423-458

About this book


Acidification is one of the most serious environmental problems, especially in Sweden, which suffers most from the consequences of acid rain. Besides international negotiations to reduce sulphur emissions - 85% of the acid load on Sweden can be traced to emissions from outside Sweden - the Swedish Government has employed large-scale operative liming activities to counteract acidification of surface waters. The scientific results show that - although acidification cannot be solved by liming - the measures taken resulted in substantially improved conditions in around 8,000 Swedish lakes and watercourses, and other countries affected by acidification may also profit from the Swedish experience.


Acidification Environmental Effects Gewässer Gewässerversauerung Liming Saurer Regen Surface Waters environment

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  • Lennart Henrikson
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  • Y. W. Brodin
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  1. 1.Municipality of MarkKinnaSweden
  2. 2.Swedish Environmental Protection AgencySolnaSweden

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"I found the book very informative and the style easy to read. There is a large bibliography accompanying each chapter and the wealth of practical data should make it a useful reference work for those interested or involved in the liming of lakes or streams." Environmental Pollution