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Curiosity and Exploration

  • Heidi Keller
  • Klaus Schneider
  • Bruce Henderson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. Introduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages XVII-XVII
    2. Heidi Keller, Klaus Schneider, Bruce Henderson
      Pages 1-14
  3. Function and Motivational Mechanisms of Exploration

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 30-30
    2. Christiane Buchholtz, Andrea Persch
      Pages 31-42
    3. Finn K. Jellestad, Gry S. Follesø, Holger Ursin
      Pages 43-64
    4. Michael Niepel, Udo Rudolph, Achim Schützwohl, Wulf-Uwe Meyer
      Pages 65-78
  4. Development and Interindividual Differences

  5. The Interconnections of Exploratory Behavior and Other Behavioral Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 226-226
    2. Shulamith Kreitler, Hans Kreitler
      Pages 259-284

About this book


Exploration and play behaviour form the subject of this book, in which a wide range of research activities, both theoretical and practical, are presented from various fields. In particular, the emphasis on applications (for example, in the development of software) demonstrates the integrated approach to basic and applied research. The authors come from many different countries and represent various theoretical approaches, enabling the reader to acquire an up-to-date overview of the field and thus form an opinion of his/her own regarding this field of research.


Action Erforschung Interessen Kognition Motivation Neugier cognition curiosity development exploration interests

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  • Heidi Keller
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  • Klaus Schneider
    • 2
  • Bruce Henderson
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  1. 1.Fachbereich Psychologie - EntwicklungspsychologieUniversität OsnabrückOsnabrückGermany
  2. 2.Fakultät für PsychologieAllgemeine Psychologie und EntwicklungspsychologieBochumGermany
  3. 3.Department of PsychologyWestern Carolina UniversityCullowheeUSA

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