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Computer Simulation of Ion-Solid Interactions


Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 10)

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In this book the author discusses the investigation of ion bombardment of solids by computer simulation, with the aim of demonstrating the usefulness of this approach to the problem of interactions of ions with solids. The various chapters present the basic physics behind the simulation programs, their structure and many applications to different topics. The two main streams, the binary collision model and the classical dynamics model, are discussed, as are interaction potentials and electronic energy losses. The main topics investigated are backscattering, sputtering and implantation for incident atomic particles with energies from the eV to the MeV range. An extensive overview of the literature is given, making this book of interest to the active reseacher as well to students entering the field.


Computersimulation Dynamics Festkörper Festkörperphysik Potential computer simulation implantation ion bombardment ion-solid interactions model scattering simulation solid state physics sputtering

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