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Lasers and Synergetics

A Colloquium on Coherence and Self-organization in Nature

  • Robert Graham
  • Arne Wunderlin

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 19)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-X
  2. Introduction

  3. Instabilities in Lasers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 13-13
    2. F. T. Arecchi
      Pages 14-23
    3. L. A. Lugiato, L. M. Narducci, D. K. Bandy, J. R. Tredicce, P. Ru
      Pages 24-52
    4. L. A. Lugiato, L. M. Narducci, R. Lefever
      Pages 53-71
  4. Fluctuations in Quantum Optics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 89-89
    2. S. Großmann, W. Krauth
      Pages 90-98
    3. F. Haake
      Pages 99-110
  5. After-Dinner Speech

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 111-111
    2. G. Caglioti
      Pages 112-124
  6. Methods of Synergetics

  7. Coherence and Structure in Physical Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 165-165
    2. W. Zinth, W. Kaiser
      Pages 166-174
    3. P. Reineker, K. Kassner
      Pages 175-190

About this book


Lasers and Synergetics, written to honour Hermann Haken on his 60th birthday, is concerned with the two main areas of research to which Prof. Haken has made fundamental contributions. In fact, the two areas are interrelated since the development of the interdisciplinary science synergetics has been closely connected with the emergence of laser theory. Synergetics deals with complex systems that possess the fundamental property of spontaneous selforganization of their macroscopic behaviour. The book summarizes basic ideas, important concepts and principles used to describe selforganizing systems from a unified viewpoint. Special attention is paid to lasers, nonlinear optics and to coherence phenomena in other physical, biological and sociological systems. Some surveys of historical developments are presented, but most space is devoted to the publication of recent results and the description of current research work.


Raman spectroscopy coherence complex system laser laser physics nonlinear optics optics polarization quantum optics semiconductor spectroscopy synergetics

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  • Robert Graham
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  • Arne Wunderlin
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