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Biophysics and Synchrotron Radiation

  • Antonio Bianconi
  • Agostina Congiu Castellano
Conference proceedings

Part of the Springer Series in Biophysics book series (BIOPHYSICS, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. X-Ray Diffraction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. J. Cavarelli, R. Giege, A. Podjarny, B. Rees, M. Roth, J. C. Thierry et al.
      Pages 10-18
    3. W. Fuller, V. T. Forsyth, A. Mahendrasingam, R. J. Greenall, W. J. Pigram, K. Bellamy
      Pages 19-31
    4. J. Doucet, J. P. Benoit
      Pages 41-46
    5. Keith Moffat, Durward Cruickshank, John Helliwell
      Pages 47-51
    6. J W Campbell, I J Clifton, M Elder, P A Machin, S Zurek, J R Helliwell et al.
      Pages 52-60
    7. Y. Amemiya, N. Kamiya, Y. Satow, T. Matsushita, J. Chikawa, K. Wakabayashi et al.
      Pages 61-72
  3. X-Ray Spectroscopy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 79-79
    2. Hiroyuki Oyanagi, Tetsutaro Iizuka, Tadashi Matsushita, Satoshi Saigo, Ryu Makino, Yuzuru Ishimura
      Pages 99-106
    3. S. Morante, A. Congiu Castellano, M. Dell’Ariccia, P. J. Durham, A. Giovannelli, E. Burattini et al.
      Pages 107-113
    4. J. E. Penner-Hahn, K. Smith Eble, J. H. Dawson, T. J. McMurry, J. T. Groves, M. Benfatto et al.
      Pages 114-121
    5. I. Ascone, A. Fontaine, A. Bianconi, A. Congiu Castellano, A. Giovannelli, S. Della Longa et al.
      Pages 122-129
    6. S. Saigo, N. Sone, T. Nagamura, H. Oyanagi, T. Iizuka, M. Kusunoki et al.
      Pages 130-135
    7. C. David Garner, Martinus C. Feiters
      Pages 136-146

About these proceedings


This book the second volume in the "Springer Series in Biophysics" col­ lects together contributions to the conference on "Biophysics and Syn­ chrotron Radiation" held in July 86 at Frascati. This meeting addressed the advances on the structure of biological molecules obtained by using synchrotron radiation. In fact it was most timely to review the results of the research in biophysics which is rapidly developing at synchrotron radiation facilities. Moreover, there was interest to discuss the new perspectives opened up by the future high brilliance synchrotron radia­ tion sources. With the use of synchrotron radiation, x-ray spectroscopy of biological molecules is firmly established in the techniques of EXAFS and XANES. Contributions to the detailed knowledge of local structure of active sites of metalloproteins by this approach are presented in this volume, together with a number of studies of -the interaction of metal ions with other important biological macromolecular systems. Structural determination of very large biological systems at high reso­ lution, including a protein and its substrate, are reported. The experi­ mental advances in protein crystallography presented here reduce the time for solving protein structures, thus satisfying a major require­ ment of the rapidly-expanding field of protein engineering.


Calcium DNA Fluorophore Polysaccharid X-ray biophysics electron diffraction enzymes fluorescence microscopy molecule proteins scattering spectroscopy translation

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  • Agostina Congiu Castellano
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