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A Guide to Statistical Methods and to the Pertinent Literature / Literatur zur Angewandten Statistik


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Readers of my books, students and scientists, often ask for spe­ cial references not commonly found in introductory or interme­ diate books on statistics. From the titles and contents of 1449 key papers and books which are listed and numbered in Sec­ tion 5, I have selected keywords and subject headings and ar­ ranged them alphabetically together with the numbers of perti­ nent references in Section 3. Number 1153, for instance, denotes my book" Applied Statis­ tics". It contains a bibliographical section on pages 568 to 641. Supplementary material is displayed in this small bibliographi­ cal guide. It also complements well-known textbooks of Box, Hunter and Hunter (No.121), Dixon and Massey (No.286), Snedecor and Cochran (No. 1238), and many recent competitors. Since the methodology of statistics is expanding rapidly, many methods are not considered at all or only introduced in the basic textbooks of statistics. There is a need for intermediate statistical methods concerned with increasingly complicated ap­ plications of statistics to actual research situations. Here the specification of terms helps to find some sources. Since the ref­ erences vary considerably in length and content, the number of culled or extracted terms per referenced page varies even more, as does also their degree of specialization; however in most cases an intermediate statistical level is maintained.


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