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Particle Accelerator Physics II

Nonlinear and Higher-Order Beam Dynamics

  • First genuine textbook in its field

  • Incorporates important recent developments not considered in competing literature

  • Extends the didactic approach of vol. I to include non-linear and higher-order beam dynamics


Table of contents

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    Pages I-XVIII
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    Pages 43-72
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    Pages 73-92
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    Pages 93-126
  6. Helmut Wiedemann
    Pages 127-162
  7. Helmut Wiedemann
    Pages 163-228
  8. Helmut Wiedemann
    Pages 229-268
  9. Helmut Wiedemann
    Pages 269-304
  10. Helmut Wiedemann
    Pages 305-324
  11. Helmut Wiedemann
    Pages 325-405
  12. Helmut Wiedemann
    Pages 406-434
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 435-472

About this book


Particle Accelerator Physics II continues the discussion of particle accelerator physics beyond the introductory Particle Accelerator Physics I. Aimed at students and scientists who plan to work or are working in the field of accelerator physics. Basic principles of beam dynamics already discussed in Vol.I are expanded into the nonlinear regime in order to tackle fundamental problems encountered in present-day accelerator design and development. Nonlinear dynamics is discussed both for the transverse phase space to determine chromatic and geometric aberrations which limit the dynamic aperture as well as for the longitude phase space in connection with phase focusing at very small values of the momentum compaction. Effects derived theoretically are compared with observations made at existing accelerators.


Apertur Dispersion Electricity and Magnetism:Fields and Charges Particles Experimental Methods and Instrumentation for Elementary Particle accelerator Particle and Nuclear Physics Synchrotron Synchrotron radiation X-Ray and Gamma Ray Instruments and Techniques polarization

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