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Protein Stability and Folding

A Collection of Thermodynamic Data


  • First data collection (up-to-date) of the stability of proteins

  • Absolutely useful for biochemists, biotechnologists, food scientist and biophysicists working with proteins


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About this book


Protein folding remains one of the most exclusive problems of modern biochemistry. Structure analysis has given access to the wealth of the molecular architecture of pro­ teins. As architecture needs static calculations, protein structure is always related to thermodynamic factors that govern folding and stability of a particular folded protein over the non-organized polypeptide chain. During the past decades a huge amount of thermodynamic data related to protein folding and stability has been accumulated. The data are certainly of importance in dechiffring the protein folding problem. At the same time, the data can guide the con­ struction of modified and newly synthesized proteins with properties optimized for particular application. The intention of this book is a generation of a data collection which makes the vast amount of present data accessible for multidisciplinary research where chemistry, phy­ sics, biology, and medicine are involved and also pharmaceutical and food research and technology. It took several years to compile all the data and the author wishes to thank everyone who provided data, ideas or even unpublished results. The author is, in particular, indebted to Prof. Wadso (Lund, Sweden) and IUPAC's Steering Committee on Bio­ physical Chemistry. Furthermore, support by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschafi (INK 16 AI-I) is acknowledged.


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