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Mechanical Ventilation and Weaning

  • Jordi Mancebo
  • Alvar Net
  • Laurent Brochard
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Part of the Update in Intensive Care Medicine book series (volume 36)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. J. J. Marini
    Pages 13-38
  3. M. Younes
    Pages 39-73
  4. L. Blanch, G. Murias, P. V. Romero, R. Fernandez, A. Nahum
    Pages 86-99
  5. C. G. Alex, P. J. Fahey, M. J. Tobin
    Pages 100-117
  6. C. Serrano-Munuera, I. Illa
    Pages 118-132
  7. F. Frutos Vivar, I. Alía Robledo, A. Esteban de la Torre
    Pages 133-151
  8. C. S. H. Sassoon, A. Manka, K. G. Chetty
    Pages 152-160
  9. A. Jubran
    Pages 184-192
  10. R. Fernandez
    Pages 239-247
  11. G. C. Piaggi, E. De Mattia, S. Nava
    Pages 279-289

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Mechanical ventilation and weaning is one of the most common procedures carried out in critically ill patients. Appropriate management of these patients is of paramount importance to improve the outcome in terms of both morbidity and mortality. This book offers the physiological and clinical basis required to improve the care delivered to patients undergoing mechanical ventilation.


Acute respiratory failure care critical care mechanical ventilation mortality pathophysiology respiratory failure

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  • Jordi Mancebo
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  • Alvar Net
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  • Laurent Brochard
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  1. 1.Servei de Medicina IntensivaHospital de la Sante Creu i Sant PauBarcelonaSpain
  2. 2.Service Réanimation MédicaleHôpital Henri MondorCréteil cedexFrance

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