Heart rate as a determinant of cardiac function

Basic mechanisms and clinical significance

  • G. Hasenfuss
  • H. Just
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VIII
  2. Regulation of heart rate

  3. Heart rate and myocardial function

    1. N. R. Alpert, B. J. Leavitt, F. P. Ittleman, G. Hasenfuss, B. Pieske, L. A. Mulieri
      Pages 37-52
    2. W. Schillinger, S. E. Lehnart, J. Prestle, M. Preuss, B. Pieske, L. S. Maier et al.
      Pages 63-75
  4. Influence of stimulation frequency on subcellular systems

    1. S. Lemaire, C. Piot, F. Leclercq, V. Leuranguer, J. Nargeot, S. Richard
      Pages 85-97
    2. U. Ravens, E. Wettwer
      Pages 99-108
    3. B. Pieske, S. Trost, K. Schütt, K. Minami, H. Just, G. Hasenfuss
      Pages 109-124
  5. Modulation of the force-frequency relation

    1. U. Bavendiek, K. Brixius, G. Münch, C. Zobel, J. Müller-Ehmsen, R. H. G. Schwinger
      Pages 125-139
    2. R. Haque, H. Kan, M. S. Finkel
      Pages 141-154
  6. Relevance of heart rate on hemodynamics and energetic

  7. Prognostic relevance of heart rate

    1. Th. Fetsch, L. Reinhardt, Th. Wichter, M. Borggrefe, G. Breithardt
      Pages 189-199
    2. E. Vanoli, D. Cerati, R. F. E. Pedretti
      Pages 215-229
  8. Therapeutic relevance of heart rate control

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In a variety of cardiac diseases the influence of heart rate on cardiac function is altered and both heart rate and heart rate variability are of great relevance for the prognosis of cardiac patients. This book provides a summary of the current knowledge on the influence of heart rate on myocardial function and hemodynamics in non-failing and failing animal and human hearts. The subcellular and molecular alterations underlying the altered heart rate response in heart failure are discussed in detail. In addition, studies related to the impact of heart rate and heart rate variability on arrhythmogenesis and prognosis in patients with cardiac diseases are critically reviewed. Finally, the relevance of heart rate control by therapeutic interventions is also discussed. The book contains 19 different chapters written by well-known experts in this novel and clinically important field.


cardiac function drugs force-frequency relation heart heart failure heart rate hemodynamics myocardial function physiology therapeutic relerance

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