Proceedings in Computational Statistics 12th Symposium held in Barcelona, Spain, 1996

  • Albert Prat
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. Keynote Papers

  3. Invited Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 25-25
    2. A. M. Bianco, E. J. Martinez, M. Garcia Ben, V. J. Yohai
      Pages 27-38
    3. William F. Eddy, Mark Fitzgerald, Christopher Genovese, Audris Mockus, Douglas C. Noll
      Pages 39-49
    4. Antoni Espasa, J. Manuel Revuelta, J. Ramón Cancelo
      Pages 51-63
    5. Víctor Gómez, Agustín Maravall
      Pages 65-75
    6. Martin Janžura
      Pages 89-100
    7. Pedro A. Morettin
      Pages 111-122
    8. C. Ritter, D. M. Bates
      Pages 123-134
    9. Swetlana Schmelzer, Thomas Kötter, Sigbert Klinke, Wolfgang Härdle
      Pages 135-148
    10. Philippe Vieu, Laurent Pelegrina, Pascal Sarda
      Pages 149-160
  4. Contributed Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 161-161
    2. H. J. Adèr, Joop Kuik, H. A. van Rossum
      Pages 163-168
    3. A. M. Aguilera, F. A. Ocaña, M. J. Valderrama
      Pages 169-174
    4. Tomàs Aluja-Banet, Eduard Nafria
      Pages 181-186
    5. J. M. Angulo, M. D. Ruiz-Medina
      Pages 187-192
    6. Graeme Archer, Karen Chan
      Pages 193-198
    7. E. Arjas, H. Mannila, M. Salmenkivi, R. Suramo, H. Toivonen
      Pages 199-204
    8. Dee Denteneer, Ludolf Meester
      Pages 223-228
    9. Cheikh A. T. Diack
      Pages 229-234
    10. Rainer Dyckerhoff, Karl Mosler, Gleb Koshevoy
      Pages 235-240
    11. Ernest Edmonds, Jesús Lorés, Josep Maria Catot, Georgios Illiadis, Assumpció Folguera
      Pages 241-246
    12. Håkan Ekblom, Hans Bruun Nielsen
      Pages 247-252
    13. Anna Espinal-Berenguer, Albert Satorra
      Pages 253-258
    14. Z. Geng, F. Tao, K. Wan, Ch. Asano, M. Ichimura, M. Kuroda
      Pages 259-263
    15. Alison J. Gray, Karen P.-S. Chan
      Pages 283-287
    16. Georges Hebrail, Jane-Elise Tanzy
      Pages 301-306
    17. O. J. W. F. Kardaun, A. Kus, H-and L-mode Database Working Group
      Pages 313-318
    18. Erricos J. Kontoghiorghes, Elias Dinenis, Maurice Clint
      Pages 319-324
    19. Ivan Krivý, Josef Tvrdík
      Pages 325-330
    20. Peter W. Lane
      Pages 331-336
    21. R. Lewandowski, I. Solé, J. M. Catot, J. Lorés
      Pages 337-342
    22. A. Linka, J. Picek, P. Volf
      Pages 343-348

About these proceedings


COMPSTAT symposia have been held regularly since 1974 when they started in Vienna. This tradition has made COMPSTAT a major forum for the interplay of statistics and computer sciences with contributions from many well known scientists all over the world. The scientific programme of COMPSTAT '96 covers all aspects of this interplay, from user-experiences and evaluation of software through the development and implementation of new statistical ideas. All papers presented belong to one of the three following categories: - Statistical methods (preferable new ones) that require a substantial use of computing; - Computer environments, tools and software useful in statistics; - Applications of computational statistics in areas of substantial interest (environment, health, industry, biometrics, etc.).


Bayesian Models Bayessche Methoden Classification Likelihood Linear Models Lineare Modelle Mathematica Regression analysis Statistics Survival analysis Time Series Zeitreihen data analysis expectation–maximization algorithm image analysis

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  • Albert Prat
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  1. 1.Departament d’Estadística i Investigació OperativaUniversitat Politécnica de CatalunyaBarcelonaEspaña

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