Artemisia annua - Pharmacology and Biotechnology

  • Tariq Aftab
  • Jorge F.S. Ferreira
  • M. Masroor A. Khan
  • M. Naeem

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. Alia Sadiq, Muhammad Qasim Hayat, Muhammad Ashraf
    Pages 9-25
  3. M. Naeem, Mohd Idrees, Minu Singh, M. Masroor A. Khan, Moinuddin
    Pages 27-49
  4. Pamela Weathers, Kirsten Reed, Ahmed Hassanali, Pierre Lutgen, Patrick Ogwang Engeu
    Pages 51-74
  5. María José Abad Martínez, Luis Miguel Bedoya del Olmo, Luis Apaza Ticona, Paulina Bermejo Benito
    Pages 75-93
  6. Sadia Malik, Muhammad Qasim Hayat, Muhammad Ashraf
    Pages 95-112
  7. Mauji Ram, D. C. Jain, Himanshu Mishra, Shantanu Mandal, M. Z. Abdin
    Pages 173-204
  8. Bianca Ivanescu, Andreia Corciova
    Pages 205-227
  9. Ebiamadon Andi Brisibe, Peter Nkachukwu Chukwurah
    Pages 269-292

About this book


This book summarizes global research on the medicinal plant Artemisia annua and its component artemisinin, an antimalarial agent. It explores further artemisinin applications and future research possibilities.​

Artemisinin is an effective antimalarial agent, particularly for multi-drug-resistant and cerebral malaria. As the chemical synthesis of artemisinin is complicated and not economically feasible in view of the poor yield of the drug, the intact plant remains the only viable source for artemisinin production. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the concentration of artemisinin in A. annua to reduce the costs of artemisinin-based drugs. Plant scientists have focused their efforts on A. annua to achieve a higher artemisinin crop yield and summarize their findings in this book.


Artemisinin based Combination Therapies (ACTs) antimalarial drug artemisinin ethnopharmacology malaria medicinal plant

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