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Knowledge as a Driver of Regional Growth in the Russian Federation


  • Comprehensive multi-dimensional approach to Russian innovation system Empirically backed insights

  • Covers the whole process from knowledge generation over to its transmission and usage

  • Studies the Russian Federation on a regional level taking into account 80 separate regions?


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About this book


The Russian Federation has a history of more than twenty years of transformation to a market economy, but as well to a knowledge society, to look back on. This study takes a look at the knowledge generation, knowledge transmission and knowledge use inside the Federation since the early 1990s. Furthermore, in light of the high dependence of the Russian economy on the oil and gas sectors this study analyzes the impact knowledge related factors have on regional income generation following thereby in the direction of Schumpeterian growth theory. The study combines descriptive with empirical analyses to paint a picture as detailed as possible of the Russian knowledge society and its innovative potential. ​


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  1. 1.European Institute for International Economics (EIIW)University of WuppertalWuppertalGermany

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