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Hyperpolarization Methods in NMR Spectroscopy

  • Lars T. Kuhn


  • This series presents critical reviews of the present position and future trends in modern chemical research

  • Short and concise reports on chemistry, each written by the world renowned experts

  • Still valid and useful after 5 or 10 years

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Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 338)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. Lisandro Buljubasich, María Belén Franzoni, Kerstin Münnemann
    Pages 33-74
  3. Simon B. Duckett, Ryan E. Mewis
    Pages 75-103
  4. Bela E. Bode, Smitha Surendran Thamarath, Karthick Babu Sai Sankar Gupta, A. Alia, Gunnar Jeschke, Jörg Matysik
    Pages 105-121
  5. Kirill V. Kovtunov, Vladimir V. Zhivonitko, Ivan V. Skovpin, Danila A. Barskiy, Igor V. Koptyug
    Pages 123-180
  6. Ümit Akbey, W. Trent Franks, Arne Linden, Marcella Orwick-Rydmark, Sascha Lange, Hartmut Oschkinat
    Pages 181-228
  7. Simon B. Duckett, Ryan E. Mewis
    Pages E1-E1
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 301-304

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Elucidating Organic Reaction Mechanisms using photo-CIDNP Spectroscopy, by Martin Goez. Parahydrogen Induced Polarization by Homogeneous Catalysis: Theory and Applications, by Kerstin Münnemann et al. Improving NMR and MRI Sensitivity with Parahydrogen, by R. Mewis & Simon Duckett. The Solid-state Photo-CIDNP Effect, by Jörg Matysik et al. Parahydrogen-induced Polarization in Heterogeneous Catalytic Processes, by Igor Koptyug et al. Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced NMR Spectroscopy, by U. Akbey & H. Oschkinat. Photo-CIDNP NMR Spectroscopy of Amino Acids and Proteins, by Lars T. Kuhn.


DNP Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced NMR Spectroscopy Heterogeneous Catalytic Processes MRI Sensitivity Magnetic Resonance Parahydrogen Parahydrogen Induced Polarization Photo-CIDNP Spectroscopy Polarization by Homogeneous Catalysis

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